Moninder Chana

Moninder holds a B.Sc in Health Sciences from Simon Fraser University. She loves to help individuals with a natural and holistic approach, which led her to studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. Upon completing her studies, she aspires to practise as a Chinese Medicine doctor. Moninder is looking forward to develop a deeper understanding and enhance her knowledge in the field of Women's Health at Yinstill.

What does being a part of Yinstill mean to me...
"Yinstill has multiple meanings for me. First, it is a place of growth. I am continuously learning about TCM, health on various levels, mindfulness and even about myself. There is no limitation on the education I receive at Yinstill. Secondly, it is a place of self-care. This goes for me personally and for patients as well. It gives the fundamental tools and education of self care. Finally, Yinstill to me is family. It is a space of trust, love and respect for one another."