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Dr. Erin Flynn


Erin Flynn is a registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Dr. TCM) and a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. She is a member of the IVF Acupuncture Group – a team of doctors providing evidence-based acupuncture services on-site for patients undergoing IVF in Greater Vancouver. She has been practicing professionally since 2006, and has focused her practice on women’s health & fertility, pain & stress management, and preventative medicine.

Dr. Flynn completed the five year DTCM Diploma program at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver. During that time she traveled to China (Hefei, Anhui) and studied acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine at a local TCM hospital. Since graduating from school Erin has continued to take advanced courses from respected leaders in the field such as Jane Lyttleton, Bob Flaws, Debra Betts, Miki Shima, Kiiko Matsumoto, Richard Tan, and Daoshing Ni. In May of 2012, Erin returned to China (Nanjing, Jiangsu) and completed a fellowship in Traditional Chinese Medicine which focused exclusively on the treatment of women’s health and fertility using a combined eastern and western medical approach.

Junko Lodge


Junko graduated from International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver where she completed the 4 year Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine program . She has been interested in alternative health since childhood. Her grandmother used to pick dandelions and mugwort for cooking. Her father's side of the family was fond of Traditional Chinese Medicine especially Moxibustion.

She completed touch for health kinesiology level 1 & 2 at M B H Kinesiology College in Osaka, Japan and Western Herbal Medicine Detoxification program . She is a certified therapist in the Preventive Medicine Health & Beauty Association of Tokyo.

After 5 years of being a co-owner of an international English school in Okayam a, Japan, Junko and her husband decided to raise their beautiful daughter in the nature of Canada. Being a mother of a toddler and a teenage home stay student at the same time as being a TCM student wasn't easy but she enjoyed every aspect of her life with positive, calm energy and a hard working nature as she completed the 3 year acupuncturist program in 2 years. 

Dr. Harris Fisher, Academic Director

Dr. TCM, FABORM, B.A, Academic Director

Harris graduated from the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Victoria BC with his Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since then he has completed advanced study and internships with doctors of TCM in Victoria, Whitehorse, as well as in hospitals in China. Harris continues to add to his knowledge base with courses in pain management, stress management, endocrinology and fertility.

Prior to moving to Vancouver, his clinical experience was in the fields of women’s health, fertility and men’s health at the Elements of Health Centre as well as preparing couples for assisted reproductive treatments at the Victoria Fertility Centre. In joining Yinstill Reproductive Wellness centre this focus on reproductive health continues to be at the forefront of Harris’ expertise in conjunction with a strong skill set in treating pelvic pain, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and menstrual irregularities. In 2009, Harris was involved in pilot study validating the effects of Acupuncture treatment for vulvar pain that was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Dr. Nora Shilo, Clinical Director

Naturopathic Doctor, Clinical Director

Dr. Nora Shilo is a naturopathic physician with a passion for fertility and reproductive endocrinology. Dr. Shilo believes that the body’s ability to create life is one if it’s most incredible functions, and her mission is to assist her patients on this journey by using personalized, integrative medicine to enhance both female and male fertility. Dr. Shilo provides support for natural conception, IVF, and pregnancy, and treats common conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, and hormonal imbalance using dietary & lifestyle counseling, IV vitamin & nutrient therapy, and other evidence-based methods that are complementary to acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Shilo is also licensed to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs when indicated, and she collaborates with the rest of the team at Yinstill to provide you with the ultimate form of integrative care. Dr. Shilo’s psychology background allows and inspires her to further explore the mind-body connection with her patients by helping them navigate the emotional factors of physical ailments that may be holding them back from complete wellness. Dr. Shilo’s goal at each visit is to empower you by providing personalized, feasible treatment plans, and to work with you to create sustainable changes that will help you achieve your current health goals and enhance your long-term wellness.

Sean Quigley

Registered Acupuncturist

Sean is passionate about assisting individuals with fertility and reproductive health concerns - male and female. He also provides care for numerous issues arising from pregnancy, as well as supporting couples through fertility treatments while working with pain management and stress reduction.

“When I began my studies in acupuncture many years ago, I had no idea what an immense contribution this ancient tradition had to offer the modern world of fertility and reproductive health. As I continue to study and learn, I am always excited and honoured to meet and support people as they move towards expanding or building their families and improving their overall health”

His interest in medicine has been lifelong. Coming from a long line of family doctors, health and patient care was always an important conversation in his childhood house, and Sean brings that enthusiasm and history with him to Yinstill. Believing strongly that traditional and modern medicine complement each other, Sean works with individuals to find the right balance of eating habits, overall fitness and emotional and physical awareness. He believes this is especially true for those seeking to improve their fertility or sexual health.

Moninder Chana

Reception / Administration

Moninder holds a B.Sc in Health Sciences from Simon Fraser University. She loves to help individuals with a natural and holistic approach, which led her to studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. Upon completing her studies, she aspires to practise as a Chinese Medicine doctor. Moninder is looking forward to develop a deeper understanding and enhance her knowledge in the field of Women's Health at Yinstill.

Dr. Spence Pentland, Founder

Dr. TCM, FABORM, Founder of Yinstill, Author of 'Being Fertile', CAOOM

“Over the past decade I have seen the profound effect that infertility has on women and couples. It touches on something so fundamental to our being human that the emotional depths experienced are unlike any other - studies showing psychological impact comparable to the diagnosis and struggle with cancer. Looking through the lens of infertility I have gained intimate insights into the functioning of the body and human spirit. I feel blessed to have been a part of so many journeys toward the creation of family and feel the world needs to know more of these struggles so that we can all better support those who are hurting beyond comprehension.”

Since 2004, Dr. Spence Pentland TCM, has focused exclusively on treating reproductive health stress & pain including infertility, IVF support, endometriosis, PCOS, recurrent pregnancy loss, prostatitis, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. After pursuing undergraduate studies in botany, herbology and horticulture, he went on to graduate with his doctor of TCM from the acclaimed International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, BC before completing his internship at Anhui Hospital of TCM, Hefei City, China. In 2008, he obtained certification with the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM). In 2015 Dr. Pentland also obtained certification with the Canadian Association of Oriental Obstetrical Medicine (CAOOM).

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Jaclyn Guse, General Manager

General Manager

Jaclyn Guse is the GM of Yinstill Reproductive Wellness. She is an open-minded and welcoming individual with an interest in alternative medicines and health practices, which stems from her own personal health journey. Jaclyn is dedicated to providing a supportive and sacred space for the patients of Yinstill. She is deeply motivated by the impact of positive change that comes from patients experiences at the clinic.

Sherry Jobani

Registered Acupuncturist

Sherry Jobani completed her studies as Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Magna Cum Laude at Pacific Rim, school of complementary and integrative medicine. Her focus includes infertility, endometriosis, menstrual irregularities, and addiction. Prior to her TCM education Sherry completed numerous courses in science and counselling at University of British Columbia which allow her to work in the field of mental health. Sherry is committed to healing and dedicated to the long term well being of her patients.

Health and healing have since youth been of primary importance to Sherry. A ballet dancer, injuries were common to her and she overcame those through TCM. That initiated Sherry’s pursuit of holistic lifestyle and her practice of medicine.

Chantal Pentland, Co-Founder, COO

Co-Founder, COO

Chantal Pentland, Office Director and Co-founder of Yinstill, is in charge of marketing, graphic design, social media, and human resources. Chantal has spent her last decade as the Creative director at Nettwerk Records, a local very successful label (Sarah McLaughlin, Bare Naked ladies, Avril Lavigne). Her skills in Human Resources and managing talent has come in handy at Yinstill as she thrives working along side such an amazing team of doctors and practitioners.