Sean Quigley

“When I began my studies in acupuncture many years ago, I had no idea what an immense contribution this ancient tradition had to offer the modern world of fertility and reproductive health. As I continue to study and learn, I am always excited and honoured to meet and support people as they move towards expanding or building their families and improving their overall health”

Sean is passionate about assisting individuals with fertility and reproductive health concerns - male and female. He also provides care for numerous issues arising from pregnancy, as well as supporting couples through fertility treatments while working with pain management and stress reduction.

As a graduate of the respected International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, and with degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Education, Sean applies the principles of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in his work, and using proven techniques, empathy, active listening and the power of connection, he understands how to help individuals achieve their dreams of a healthier, richer life.

“Whether you are having back pain, insomnia or want to improve your fertility, I have the skills and experience to help.”

His interest in medicine has been lifelong. Coming from a long line of family doctors, health and patient care was always an important conversation in his childhood house, and Sean brings that enthusiasm and history with him to Yinstill. Believing strongly that traditional and modern medicine complement each other, Sean works with individuals to find the right balance of eating habits, overall fitness and emotional and physical awareness. He believes this is especially true for those seeking to improve their fertility or sexual health.

“Your body can heal itself. Acupuncture activates the body's own healing mechanism.”

When not in his clinic, Sean loves to spend time with his family and friends, playing music or immersed in nature, such as gardening, camping, or exploring all the amazing things that Vancouver and the West Coast has to offer.

What does being a part of Yinstill mean to me...
"It gives me the chance to fulfill a promise I made to myself a long time ago - to live a life that involves giving, supporting and nourishing - so as to give back to the earth and leave it in a better way. It allows me to continually learn and improve myself not only as a practitioner but as a human - by being around excellent, experienced people and constantly being challenged both in and out of the clinic. It lets me to see forward to a future that is abundant and full of learning and joy. It allows for flexibility and a commitment to caring for both my professional life and my life as a father and partner. It is a place that found faith in a guy just out of school and committed to nurturing him as practitioner and a person - and for that I'll always be grateful."

Professional Development

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