Accepting What Is

I am not a big fan of doctors for some reason; somewhere there is still a part of me that denies telling the truth about how I feel or where it hurts. Perhaps it is also tied to my denial about growing older. But this week I was channeling the energy of my Dad when I noticed a desire to accept “what is.”

The Relentlessness of Intention

“Uncle Thomas, you’ll get great seats to all my games.” That is the postscript on a thank you card I received from my 12-year-old nephew. He’s crystal clear about an intention to play in the National Hockey League.

Last fall, I began to sense that I wanted to up the level of financial support for my nephews dream. To date I had been supporting his dream by buying his skates and other equipment that was a little out of my sister and her families financial reach. I loved the commitment I had made.

Magic key that opened the doors to their kingdom...

It's the classic story; a brave knight worked tirelessly for one king then another, protecting their kingdom and ensuring its success and security of bounty. He grew wise in the ways of running a kingdom and was appointed the honor of becoming advisor to the king regarding all matters. The brave knight dreamed of one day having his own kingdom, his vision manifest, yet it felt out of his grasp, something else was needed, a piece was missing. Along comes a fair maiden (didn't see that coming right!), they fall in love, have children, and wake each day happy, full of passion and desire.


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