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Treat the Heart and Vessels for success with Male reproductive health

Whether it is a movie playing with a vacant couch, a mother giving her teenage boy a new pair of noise cancelling headphones, or a businessman starting his day with the happiest shower ever and bouncing his way to work while we hear the familiar lyrics: good morning, good morning… . These are the commercials for the most well known medications for treating erectile dysfunction and are used by millions of men worldwide. In 2014, the total sales for Viagra (sildenafil) was over $1.68 million and Cialis (tadalafil) almost $2.3 million.

Varicose veins aren't just for legs - Obstructed vessels and low sperm parameters

The male reproductive organs are dependent upon blood circulation to control temperature in the testicles and to bring nutrients for the production of sperm (spermatogenesis). For optimal sperm production and normal testis function, the testis require an environment that is approximately 2.5 degrees celcius cooler than normal body temperature.

What does it all mean? - The Semen Analysis (part 2)

Semen analysis (part 2)

So now that you have dropped off your sample and have returned home to anxiously await the results. What will your semen analysis tell you?

The first stage of the analysis will look at the overall appearance of the ejaculate. The volume will be measured and it will be observed for its liquefaction and viscosity.

Are your swimmers up for the challenge? - The Semen Analysis (part 1)

Every day throughout the month of November (MOvember) the team at Yinstill has committed to publishing one blog or article each day. Since I will have the opportunity to make four contributions, I decided to offer my submissions in the form of a series. The first two will be about the semen analysis, what to expect and how to interpret the findings. The third and fourth will focus on the physical impediments that reduce sperm quality and quantity, and ideas for treatment approaches to improve sperm parameters.

Seasonal Fluctuations in Gene expression

A recent research study was published that has discovered there are seasonal variations in the activity of our DNA. This may sound absolutely obvious to those that feel different during each season have always had a favourite season in which they feel their best. We now have the scientific evidence that backs this up. The research team reviewed annual gene expression patterns from ethnically and geographically diverse populations and compared data from both northern and southern hemispheres as well as groups at the ecuador and those closer to the poles. The trends were astonishing.

3 Postures to Prepare Your Body for a Natural Childbirth

Are you aware there are exercises which can help prepare your body for a quicker, easier childbirth? According to Janelle Durham, a childbirth educator and doula in Kirkland, WA, there are. And like so many experiences in life, the more prepared we are, the easier things will be.

"I am 1 in 6" Infertility Awareness Week 2015: May 19th - 28th

Next week kicks off infertility awareness week. It will be the third year that Yinstill has been a part of this great cause. This year’s national campaign is entitled: “I am 1 in 6” The Infertility Awareness Association of Canada (IAAC) has launched this campaign for this year to really highlight just how many couples struggle with fertility challenges. The goal of the campaign is to empower more people to speak out about their fertility challenges and the experiences they have endured during their journey.

The Carbon Farmer and the Yinstill Gratitude Forest

Making a baby is such an incredible miracle. There are so many variables that have to come together at exactly the right time and in a particular way to create life. Just over a year ago, we started a program at Yinstill Reproductive Wellness to honour each of these miracles. For each baby that comes into this world that we have had the privilege of working with, we plant a tree.

Music that heals and the creativity of Medicine

The theories of Chinese medicine are deeply rooted in the underlying philosophy of ancient Chinese culture. Through the observation of the seasonal changes and the natural environment, the concept of the Five Elements was conceived. These are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each relates to a compass direction, a seasonal change and can be applied to many other natural phenomenon, including the human body. The theory of the Five Elements is utilized in Chinese medicine to explain relationships between the internal organs, their healthy physiology and also pathology.

Chinese Medicine treats the pain associated with Endometriosis

The prevalence of endometriosis is much more common than you might think, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada report that 1 in 10 women of reproductive age have endometriosis and it was found to be present in at least half of the women who report experiencing chronic pelvic pain. For many women it may go undiagnosed until later in life when they experience fertility challenges. The most common symptom associated with endometriosis is pelvic pain that may range from mild to extreme and is directly related to the menstrual cycle.


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