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Seasonal Fluctuations in Gene expression

A recent research study was published that has discovered there are seasonal variations in the activity of our DNA. This may sound absolutely obvious to those that feel different during each season have always had a favourite season in which they feel their best. We now have the scientific evidence that backs this up. The research team reviewed annual gene expression patterns from ethnically and geographically diverse populations and compared data from both northern and southern hemispheres as well as groups at the ecuador and those closer to the poles. The trends were astonishing.

Meet Dr. Fisher, Yinstill Clinical Manager...

We are so lucky to have such a great doctor at Yinstill. As clinical manager Dr. Harris Fisher ensures that all practice operations run smoothly and that each one of our doctors is doing all they can to maintain our premium service to the women and couples we see. The proof is in the results, and the success that Yinstill has with so many couples is due largely in part to the contributions of Dr. Fisher.

Top Tip for Stress Reduction: Sit Down, Breathe and Think of Nothing

Picture yourself sitting cross legged on the floor, breathing rhythmically and thinking of absolutely nothing. This is you reducing stress and assisting your body in reducing inflammation. In the January issue of Brain, Behavior, and Immunity [1], there is an article that outlines a study that was done comparing the stress reducing effects of an 8-week mindfulness-based stress reduction program (MBSR) and an 8-week active control health enhancement program (HEP) that included walking, balance, agility, core strength, nutritional education, and music therapy.

Are your swimmers up for the challenge? - The Semen Analysis (part 1)

Every day throughout the month of November (MOvember) the team at Yinstill has committed to publishing one blog or article each day. Since I will have the opportunity to make four contributions, I decided to offer my submissions in the form of a series. The first two will be about the semen analysis, what to expect and how to interpret the findings. The third and fourth will focus on the physical impediments that reduce sperm quality and quantity, and ideas for treatment approaches to improve sperm parameters.

PCOS could be getting a name change

This past December there was a panel of experts put together by the National Institutes of Health to review the current diagnostic criteria and treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome. The findings of this project were recently published. The panel has recommended that the current name PCOS does not accurately capture all of the endocrine and metabolic dysfunction that is common with this syndrome and therefore a new name should be created. Further recommendations were to allow for more descriptive subdivisions of this syndrome.

What does it all mean? - The Semen Analysis (part 2)

Semen analysis (part 2)

So now that you have dropped off your sample and have returned home to anxiously await the results. What will your semen analysis tell you?

The first stage of the analysis will look at the overall appearance of the ejaculate. The volume will be measured and it will be observed for its liquefaction and viscosity.

Fifty-Seven Pregnancies in 2012

2012 blessed Yinstill Reproductive Wellness with 57 women that fell pregnant while in our care. I am proud and deeply honored to have been chosen by these couples to assist in the manifestation of their dream. Of course we are always striving to provide care that surpasses that of any expectation.

Our clients success is our success.

Good luck creating your family.

Varicose veins aren't just for legs - Obstructed vessels and low sperm parameters

The male reproductive organs are dependent upon blood circulation to control temperature in the testicles and to bring nutrients for the production of sperm (spermatogenesis). For optimal sperm production and normal testis function, the testis require an environment that is approximately 2.5 degrees celcius cooler than normal body temperature.

Is Sitting on the Couch and Watching the Oscars Making Your Man Less Fertile?

In a recent study published last week in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the sperm of athletic men were compared to that of men who are sedentary couch loving television watchers. We already know that an active lifestyle is beneficial for health and according to this study there is a distinct connection between exercise, which increases testosterone production, and increased sperm production. Additionally, the authors noted that sitting on the couch for prolonged periods of time may also be keeping the man's testicles at a temperature higher then optimum for sperm production.

Treat the Heart and Vessels for success with Male reproductive health

Whether it is a movie playing with a vacant couch, a mother giving her teenage boy a new pair of noise cancelling headphones, or a businessman starting his day with the happiest shower ever and bouncing his way to work while we hear the familiar lyrics: good morning, good morning… . These are the commercials for the most well known medications for treating erectile dysfunction and are used by millions of men worldwide. In 2014, the total sales for Viagra (sildenafil) was over $1.68 million and Cialis (tadalafil) almost $2.3 million.

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month

Endometriosis is a common and sometimes debilitating condition experienced by many women of reproductive age. This disease causes chronic pelvic pain and may be a contributing factor causing infertility.

The signs and symptoms of endometriosis may differ from one woman to another but often include the following:

Improve Your Sperm Quality with a Handful of Walnuts

A group of researchers in California conducted a randomized control trial to determine if walnuts provided the some of the necessary components for improved sperm production. It was discovered that as little as 75 g of walnuts per day added to a Western style diet improved sperm vitality, motility, and morphology (normal forms). The improved semen quality was associated
with increases in blood serum omega-6 fatty acids and in the plant source of omega-3 (ALA).

Armpits for August: PCOS gets its own awareness month

This month marks the second annual event named Armpits 4 August, an event that raises awareness for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Although not as well known as Movember, the month in which men grow their moustaches for prostate cancer awareness, Armpits 4 August will likely see an increase in the number of supporters for this years event. So if you see women with fuzzy underarms you now know why they are doing it and you may even want to ask them if you can donate to their cause.

Recent study validates the use of N-Acetylcysteine in treating Endometriosis: a close parallel to the Chinese medicine approach for this same condition

Endometriosis is a condition that affects 8%–10% of women of reproductive age. Women with endometriosis can experience a range of little to no symptoms at all to extreme pain and infertility. It is estimated that between 30 and 50% of women with endometriosis have troubles with fertility. The disease is caused by the growth of endometrial cells outside of the uterus.

Acupuncture - No Pain Equals Better Gain

The biggest turnoff for people when they are considering acupuncture is the thought of needles and the possibility of pain. In actuality, pain should not be felt when acupuncture is performed correctly. The needles used for acupuncture are very thin and in most cases the recipient feels very little at all. I can remember back to my first time getting acupuncture and like many other people, I was quite worried about that first needle going in.

How To Improve Your Chances of Conceiving After 40 With Chinese Herbs

Couples who are trying to get pregnant after the age of 40 may find some benefit from the deep history of Chinese medicine. There is a long tradition of imperial doctors using Chinese herbal medicine to enhance the fertility potential of the emperor and his wife to ensure there was an heir to his throne. There are numerous formulations for the treatment of fertility concerns in both men and women.

Observing the Natural World in Order to Know the Body

Science confirms what all of our clients already know: Acupuncture controls stress.

In a recent study conducted on mice, it was revealed that acupuncture actually regulates the specific hormones associated with the biochemical reactions that take place in the body as a result of stress. It was not surprising to see that the pairing of points that performed the best included a point from the Liver channel. The Liver in Chinese medicine is most associated with the stress response and takes the most abuse under periods of chronic stress.

As Awareness Around Endometriosis Grows, So Too Does The Use of Acupuncture For Its Relief

This past month you may have seen some yellow ribbons being worn and some events such as the Million Women March for “the invisible disease”. This particular yellow ribbon campaign is conducted to promote awareness for Endometriosis, the disease commonly referred to as “the invisible disease” or “Eve’s curse”. It is a condition that affects as many as 1 in 10 women of reproductive age, is present in 50% of women experiencing infertility and is now the leading cause of chronic pelvic pain in women.

Burnt or Perfect: the power of the subconscious mind, get it working for and not against you

This morning I had put the oven on to heat up the last gluten free hot cross bun for a late morning snack. Thinking I could respond to a few emails while I waited, I went into my office, sat down at the computer and noticed a couple more emails had come in. I got totally engrossed in reading the emails and responding that I completely forgot about that last tasty leftover from Easter weekend.

Chinese Medicine treats the pain associated with Endometriosis

The prevalence of endometriosis is much more common than you might think, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada report that 1 in 10 women of reproductive age have endometriosis and it was found to be present in at least half of the women who report experiencing chronic pelvic pain. For many women it may go undiagnosed until later in life when they experience fertility challenges. The most common symptom associated with endometriosis is pelvic pain that may range from mild to extreme and is directly related to the menstrual cycle.

Killing us softly: The detrimental effects of environmental toxins on fertility rates

This past Wednesday, the Health Day News (a publication of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health) published an article quoting a recent study by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Rockville, Maryland about the serious risk to fertility that exposure to common chemicals can cause. Specifically, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were found to be the major concern and the chemical that had the greatest effect on pregnancy rates.

Accessible mindfullness: some tools for exploring yourself

A friend sent me the following link earlier this week and I have been absolutely engrossed in it. I wanted to share one of the most accessible summaries of Buddhism that I have experienced. I hope that you also find it to be a great introduction into the experience of a different perspective on how to approach the world.

How to Improve a Thin Uterine Lining to Increase Fertility: Part 2

thin uterine lining treatment vancovuer

Every woman that has gone through or is currently involved in assisted reproductive therapy will know that the thickness of her uterine lining is almost as important as the number of eggs that are developing. To use the common metaphor of growing a garden; the soil must be sufficiently nourished for the seed to have success once it is planted. During an IVF cycle or IUI cycle, a woman will be given different medications that will either directly or indirectly increase the estrogen delivered to the uterus and more specifically, the endometrial lining.

Exploring the link between healthy weight, thyroid function and fertility

thyroid weight loss fertility vancouver yinstill

If you have been to the grocery store lately and waited in the check out line you will most likely have been bombarded by the annual obsession with weight loss and fad diets. On either side of the line the magazine rack will be taunting you with questions like Are You An Emotional Eater? (Marie Claire) , or suggesting you Shed Two Sizes (Women’s Health) or luring you with 15 ways to lose 15 pounds (Glamour).

Do the phases of the moon have an influence on when you will have your baby?

At 8:05am (EST) Wednesday morning I became an uncle for the second time. This was a little bit of a surprise since this little guy was not due for another five weeks. This wasn’t the first time that my sister in law gave birth early and it just so happened to coincide on the new moon. Just over three years ago in May of 2009, I was still living in Victoria at the time and my wife had arrived from Vancouver to spend the weekend with me. I always keep a close eye on the lunar phases and noticed that it was to be a new moon on the Saturday night of that weekend.

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