After being a long time Endometriosis sufferer...

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After being a long time Endometriosis sufferer since my late teens I came to grips about my infertility issues after two major abdominal surgeries within one year. My husband and I had been trying to concieve for over 2 years. After my second surgery I was referred to Dr. Pentland for treatment before and while we were undergoing IVF treatments at PCRM. If only I had met him years ago!! Not only did he help with pain, bloating, fatigue, anxiety, his patient and kind ear was a wonderful bonus. I always felt better after my weekly then bi-weekly treatments...never did I think sticking needles in my body would help or make a difference but man was i wrong! Never a patient of 'alternative' medicine I felt an immediate difference in my physical well being and will be a true believer and supporter of Dr Pentland for as long as i live and will recommend him to anyone! Today I write this being the most thankful and lucky patient ever...we're 17 and a half weeks along with TWINS!

Sincerely, Carrie Elmes