I do not believe I would have my twins if it were not for Spence and his team!

(*Individual results may vary)

When I was diagnosed with fertility issues and given only a 10-20% chance of having a baby even with IVF, I was in complete despair. I felt helpless, scared, and hopeless. I was fortunate that a good friend had been through IVF and recommended seeing Spence. It was great advice!

I initially reached out to Spence by email as I live in another province (but would be coming to Vancouver for IVF). Spence helped me to find a qualified fertility acupuncturist in my home city. From that time on my local acupuncturist and Spence worked together - transferring my care back and forth as I travelled between home and Vancouver.

Acupuncture gave me so much more than just acupuncture, though I'm believe the acupuncture itself was instrumental in our success. Spence and his team helped me move from a place of despair to one of hope. They helped me see that I was not helpless in my situation. I learned about the things that I could do to increase my chances of success and I became empowered on my journey. I got advice regarding optimizing my diet for fertility, healthier skincare products, and guided meditation. They were able to answer so many of my 'is it normal' questions as I went through IVF cycles which really helped to reduce my anxiety. They truly understand the IVF journey and helped me to stay centered through the process. I had tough days of course, but always felt better after an acupuncture appointment. They always had a shoulder to cry on and words of encouragement and support. I would get quite anxious around the transfer and the wait period but using guided meditations recommended by Spence and his team, along with acupuncture treatments really helped me through this and I was able to keep a positive outlook.

I do not believe I would have my twins if it were not for Spence and his team, I am forever grateful. I am a different person today for my experience. It is not an easy road, but I am calmer, more patient, and more grounded than when I started which are pretty useful qualities when parenting twins! I guess things do happen for a reason. Today I have beautiful, healthy, and very happy 9-month-old twins. Thank you!!