I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Fisher

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I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Fisher. He is very personable and immediately made me feel at ease. My first acupuncture visit with him was when I was pregnant full-term with my first child. My contractions started the morning after my appointment and I had an uncomplicated labour and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I returned to Dr. Fisher about a year and a half later to address postpartum issues with the goal of becoming physically healthy and strong again to try for a second pregnancy. We quickly re-established our rapport and my visits were relaxing and restorative. He successfully treated my ailments, having insight that other caregivers had not considered and I became pregnant naturally with my second child. This time Dr. Fisher supported me throughout my pregnancy from beginning to end so I had the benefit of alleviated pregnancy discomforts from nausea, joint/back pain and frequent sinus issues. My second baby boy was born after another fast and uncomplicated labour. Dr. Fisher is a natural healer, is very genuine, and takes extra time to address concerns and provide valuable advice even outside of acupuncture. This includes everything from healthy family recipes, to tips for activities with my son to even must see spots in Hawaii. Dr. Fisher is exceptional and he has my very highest recommendation.

~ Iva Kulic, PhD