Unexplained pelvic pain and lower back pain relieved and a second child conceived

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I was experiencing unexplained pelvic and lower back pain, for which my doctor referred me to a specialist...thinking it might be endometriosis. Dissatisfied that I would have to wait several months for an appointment and might only have surgery as an option, I went searching for alternative treatment. I came across Yinstill in my search and their response was immediate. I started acupuncture treatment with Dr Fisher, along with his suggestion of Chinese medicine and within two weeks my pain was barely noticeable. After months of suffering, I finally felt like myself again. And within a month of regular treatment, I was pregnant with my second child! I continued with prenatal treatment and plan to return in the postpartum phase. The support I received throughout my treatment was amazing! I would recommend Dr Fisher and Yinstill to anyone!!

- RK