What to Expect

We understand how difficult infertility and other reproductive health challenges can be. It is our goal to help put you back in control of your life, and work with you to determine your unique needs so we can offer the support and treatment options necessary to get pregnant, create a happy healthy family, and/or restore the quality of life you deserve. There is no right or wrong time to start acupuncture. No matter where you are at on your fertility journey, we can help you optimize your overall reproductive health, increasing your chances of conception naturally or with assisted reproductive technology such as IVF. We also work with you throughout your pregnancy to ensure a healthy mother and baby.

First step - we want you to know that Yinstill is the right fit for your reproductive health needs. Set up a free 15 minute phone consultation with one of our doctors to get your questions answered before booking your initial appointment. Call 604.873.9355 now to schedule a time that works for you.

Initial appointment - the next step. After you book your initial appointment with us you will be sent an email with details and a link to our online digital intake forms to be completed at least 2 days prior to your appointment. If you are trying to conceive and you feel you can speak freely with your partner present, then we encourage both you and your partner to attend. Your practitioner will have had a chance to go through your intake history so the initial meeting is spent ensuring your needs, expectations, and questions are heard. Most of this appointment is spent in consultation (unless time sensitive such as close to an upcoming IVF transfer) so that a customized plan can be prepared. A short acupuncture treatment is most often included. We want you to go home feeling heard, confident, and clearly informed what moving forward will look like.

Appointment duration - All acupuncture appointments (initial and follow ups) are 1 hour in duration. 20 minutes of needle retention is necessary for treatment affect, but 30-40 minutes is most common (depending on amount of time spent consulting). Herbal consults and certain IV treatments can vary from 15-30 minutes (depending on need).

Plan - if you do not have a target how can you hit it? We start with a detailed plan, based on our 10 Step program, that is individualized to your specific needs. Complete with a summary of your medical history, health related goals (i.e. fertility is a manifestation of holistic health), recommendations for acupuncture and herbal treatment, self care at home, timelines, and prognosis, we create a guide to help keep us on track as we work together toward the fulfillment of your dreams.

Acupuncture - it doesn't hurt. Almost everyone that chooses acupuncture as a part of their life reports it being the most relaxing hour of their week. The managing of emotional stress, and the regulation of hormones, the immune system, and blood flow/nutrition to the reproductive organs, coupled with its safety, have made acupuncture a primary choice of medical treatment when reproductive health issues are concerned.

Chinese herbal medicine - commonly used with reproductive health conditions. A daily administration of herbal medicine may be recommended depending on your needs. When used together with acupuncture the true healing effects of TCM are realized.

Naturopathic medicine - utilizes IV (intra venous) nutrient therapy, acupuncture, supplements, diet & lifestyle coaching, Bowen treatments, and extensive testing to best support your reproductive health.

Diet and lifestyle coaching - as part of every plan we counsel and coach you toward a healthier you in every aspect of life. From the choices you make with your food and the supplements you take, to the exercises you do regularly and way you manage stress, we will be there with you all along the way to help with guidance and support.

Ongoing treatment - Within a few weeks, you should notice significant changes in many of your health goals and overall sense of well-being. These are signs that your body is becoming optimized for conception.

Costs - the initial TCM appointment fee is $145 and all follow up acupuncture appointments are $95. Chinese herbal medicine costs vary depending on need (average $25-$50 per week).

IVF embryo transfer day - evidence to date shows increased pregnancy rates when acupuncture is administered on immediately before and after the procedure on embryo transfer day. We are on call 7 days a week to offer this service at both PCRM and Genesis Fertility.

Success stories - when the recommended treatment plan is committed to, and enough time is given to foster the true cultivation of your health and fertility potential, the final step in our journey together is the hope and faith that you will become one of our many success stories! >>Click here to read and view all of our success stories!

If you ever have any other questions about your treatments please always let us know.

Male Factor Infertility

Since there is so much that can be done for men and their reproductive health, coupled with the fact that the health of the sperm is far more important than anyone is telling you (or understands), finding a competent doctor of TCM and acupuncture to help men move forward with their journey toward optimized health and sperm is an essential choice for every couple. Even if sperm looks ok on paper, there is always room to engineer a plan that will bring them to peak reproductive potential.

Once you are working with a competent TCM specialist in men’s reproductive health and have set clear health and wellness related goals it is important to be realistic. An understanding of what to expect is important so that proper commitment is cultivated.

The outline and recommendations below are based on clinical evidence and experience (what we and our peers have observed as being necessary to obtain desired improvement), as well as current available research. Please understand that every human is unique and therefore so may be their requirements for treatment to be effective. The recommendations outlined below are general.

It is also important to understand that our natural holistic treatment is not only focused sperm. Whole health is important for optimal reproductive health and semen quality. We also implement strategies that focus on the improvement of overall health, as well as addressing the stress that infertility inevitably bestows upon the couple.


This includes issues with semen that are often more basic in nature (count, motility, volume) without confounding more complicated medical reasons for poor semen quality. ONE course of consistently administered treatment is most often sufficient to obtain desired improvement;

  • 12 acupuncture treatments in a 6-12 week timeframe
  • 12 weeks of daily Chinese herbal medicine, vitamins & supplements, as well as diet and lifestyle recommendations

This includes more complex issues with semen production and quality and/or other aspects of reproductive health (morphology, anti-sperm antibodies, hormonal imbalance, DNA fragmentation) as well as multifactorial epigenetic factors. TWO courses of consistently administered treatment is most often sufficient to obtain desired improvement;

  • 24 acupuncture treatments in a 3-6 month timeframe
  • 6 months of daily Chinese herbal medicine and supplements, as well as diet and lifestyle recommendations