Erin Flynn is a registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Dr. TCM) and a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. She is a member of the IVF Acupuncture Group – a team of doctors providing evidence-based acupuncture services on-site for patients undergoing IVF in Greater Vancouver. She has been practicing professionally since 2006, and has focused her practice on women’s health & fertility, pain & stress management, and preventative medicine.

Dr. Flynn completed the five year DTCM Diploma program at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver. During that time she traveled to China (Hefei, Anhui) and studied acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine at a local TCM hospital. Since graduating from school Erin has continued to take advanced courses from respected leaders in the field such as Jane Lyttleton, Bob Flaws, Debra Betts, Miki Shima, Kiiko Matsumoto, Richard Tan, and Daoshing Ni. In May of 2012, Erin returned to China (Nanjing, Jiangsu) and completed a fellowship in Traditional Chinese Medicine which focused exclusively on the treatment of women’s health and fertility using a combined eastern and western medical approach.

I am excited to join the team of complementary health care professionals at Yinstill Reproductive Wellness. I look forward to continuing to share this natural, ancient medical philosophy with modern women who may have forgotten some of our grandmothers’ innate wisdom in our fast-paced, high-stressed lives. I feel honoured to assist and support women and couples on their reproductive journeys. I am grateful to be a witness to what can happen when the cutting-edge medical technology of IVF meets the ancient wisdom of acupuncture. And perhaps most of all, I am inspired help foster a healthy, fertile, and sustainable planet.”

Originally from the prairies, Erin was born in Manitoba and raised in Saskatchewan. She received a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) Degree from Simon Fraser University, and she earned a Master of Science (Neuroscience) Degree from the University of Calgary. It was during her undergraduate and graduate studies that Dr. Flynn first became interested in natural, holistic medicine. While at SFU she had two pivotal professors – one introduced her to eastern philosophy, and one introduced her to some of the science behind acupuncture. While attending the University of Calgary, Erin saw first-hand how natural therapies can have very positive results, and she had her Master’s thesis project about blood oxygen levels and stroke published in a respected academic journal.

After finishing grad school and backpacking around SE Asia for a few months, Erin returned to Vancouver and in 2002 she enrolled in Chinese Medicine school. Dr. Flynn considers her TCM Gynecology class, taught by Dr. Ling Xia, to be a central reason why she decided to focus her practice on women’s health.

“I took a class where I was given several millennia worth of wisdom and experience about how to differentiate and treat the root causes of menstrual and fertility problems such as irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, painful cramps… These are imbalances from a Chinese Medicine perspective. We talked about lifestyle choices and how they can affect gynecological health – things like how sweet and “sticky” food can disrupt the regularity of a menstrual cycle. I realized then that as amazing as the advancements of modern medicine are, the women of my culture could still benefit greatly from this ancient medical wisdom.”

When she is not studying, practicing, or blogging about Chinese Medicine, Erin’s passion lies in exploring the world. She and her partner Adam are enthusiastically planning sailing trips to explore the coast of British Columbia and someday they hope to circumnavigate the entire beautiful planet. She enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, and going within herself on the Yoga mat. Inspired by the muse of Nature, Erin is learning through trial and error how to capture its beauty with digital photography.

What does being a part of Yinstill mean to me…
“Working at Yinstill means I can focus my practice on what inspires me the most – women’s health. It means I can focus my limited time and energy (while I have a child who is not in school yet) on what means the most to me professionally – being present with clients, and helping them see their own health and wellness in a new light. Being part of Yinstill means that I get to work with an amazing group of like-minded people, who inspire me regularly with their knowledge, passion, and ability. Yinstill is a place I feel proud to be a part of.”

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