Dr. Harris Fisher, Academic Director

Harris graduated from the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Victoria BC with his Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since then he has completed advanced study and internships with doctors of TCM in Victoria, Whitehorse, as well as in hospitals in China. Harris continues to add to his knowledge base with courses in pain management, stress management, endocrinology and fertility.

Prior to moving to Vancouver, his clinical experience was in the fields of women’s health, fertility and men’s health at the Elements of Health Centre as well as preparing couples for assisted reproductive treatments at the Victoria Fertility Centre. In joining Yinstill Reproductive Wellness centre this focus on reproductive health continues to be at the forefront of Harris’ expertise in conjunction with a strong skill set in treating pelvic pain, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and menstrual irregularities. In 2009, Harris was involved in pilot study validating the effects of Acupuncture treatment for vulvar pain that was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Stemming from his prior university degree in religion and philosophy at the University of Calgary, Harris has a strong affinity for the classical knowledge within TCM. Harris works from the fundamental principle inherent within TCM: balance. When the human body is in balance all of its systems operate in synergistic harmony. In working towards this treatment goal, Harris balances theory with clinical evidence to deliver an approach that is rooted in classical knowledge and supported by modern science.

Harris balances his clinical practice with a passion for the outdoors. Whether on bike, board, boat or on foot, Harris enjoys all the aspects our beautiful west coast has to offer.

What does being a part of Yinstill mean to me...
"Yinstill has been many things for me since I joined the practice. It has been a place of great collaboration with like minded colleagues, a place to mentor the next generation of CM reproductive health practitioners, and above all, a clinic that I am proud to work at and promote within our community. I feel Yinstill has come into a new level of growth and has three generations of practitioners working for it. The growth and development of the practitioners is echoed by the expansion and growth of the business. With this growth comes its challenges and I feel I have a role in preserving and continually improving the quality of product that we are able to offer to this growing number of clients. This is exciting. Yinstill has always had a family feel to it and we have been blessed and rewarded by the practitioners as well as the clientele that have become this extended family. I look forward to expansion with this core group and adding members that foster and further build upon this culture."