Initial Fertility Consultation

Your experience with Yinstill starts here. A requirement before beginning any treatment with us, the Initial Fertility Consultation is a private, one-on-one meeting with one of our experienced reproductive wellness professionals.

We listen closely

To Your Story

We will clarify all important points from your intake forms, and answer any questions you might have so that we can identify your unique needs and recommend the ideal treatment options for optimizing your health and fertility.

This is where

It All Comes Together

We don’t leave your treatments to self-prescribing or random advice. Never again will you need to ask ‘What else can I do?’.

Regardless of the complexity of your situation, you will receive undivided attention and professional recommendations to pave the path to perfect pregnancy.

Initial Fertility Consultation (60 min) – $165

Take advantage of

Our Extensive Experience

While you’re welcome to book your treatments from the A La Carte options, we encourage you to fully utilize all elements of our signature PATH TO PERFECT PREGNANCY system to ensure the most successful clinical outcome. 

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Yinstill Fertility Diet & Workbook

Learn how to optimize your fertility with Traditional Chinese Medicine dietary principles. Includes lots of great fertility-boosting recipes!