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Our Signature System


The PATH TO PERFECT PREGNANCY system is the secret behind our long-lasting success. It is the most productive way to optimize your fertility and radically improve your chances for a healthy pregnancy.

Our treatments are shown to increase pregnancy and live birth rates by at least 30%, reduce miscarriages by at least 35%, and dramatically decrease overall stress and anxiety.

Whether you are…

  • trying to conceive naturally
  • preparing for an IVF or IUI
  • getting ready for a donor or surrogate cycle
  • faced with the challenges of PCOS, endometriosis, poor egg quality, recurrent pregnancy loss, advanced maternal age or male-factor infertility…
…our signature system is the most productive way to radically improve your chances for a healthy pregnancy.

Our Signature

Path to Perfect Pregnancy System

The product of our advanced expertise and experience in the field of natural reproductive medicine. It combines the benefits of six core elements to help you not only optimize your fertility but also transform your health in the process.

While choosing to utilize elements individually will help you achieve your goal (visit our A-La-Carte options), we recommend implementing all six elements simultaneously for maximum benefit 

TCM acupuncture has been proven to considerably improve reproductive health and increase IVF success rates. Our customized treatments help stimulate your reproductive system and optimize delivery of nutrition and oxygen to the eggs and uterine lining.

The insertion of small sterile needles into particular points on the body has many scientifically validated benefits, including reduction of stress hormones, calming the nervous system, and improving blood circulation to the reproductive system, to name a few.

Micronutrient injection therapy, which is the administration of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and amino-acids directly under the skin, into muscles or the bloodstream (IV), is the fastest and most effective way to deliver essential nutrients to the cells and tissues of your body.

Due to stress, negative lifestyle habits, poor digestion, soil depletion and environmental toxins, nutrient deficiencies are extremely common. Micronutrient supplementation is a highly beneficial step for optimizing your reproductive health and overall well-being.

This is the foundation of our success, and a magic ingredient that brings it all together. Regular sessions with dedicated Yinstill practitioners throughout your entire time with Yinstill ensure precise implementation of your treatment plan, keep you accountable, and enhance your emotional health.

Each of our carefully curated BFP+ packages includes private coaching with our founder, Dr. Spence Pentland. The opportunity to benefit from Dr. Pentland’s vast clinical experience and mentorship is what truly sets the Yinstill Signature System apart.

Advanced supplementation is an integral element of our fertility optimization program because many conditions that cause or contribute to infertility can be effectively treated using the right supplements.

Once you finish your dietary cleanse, we prescribe our proprietary herbal medicine that will nourish and strengthen your reproductive system.  Herbal medicine taken after our dietary cleanse (when your body is primed for great absorption) produces the best results.

We are what we eat, and eating right is the fastest way to boost your fertility. We start you off with an easy-to-implement dietary cleanse to remove toxins, and then provide you with nutritional guidelines that are right for your unique fertility needs.

We work toward releasing your stress, improving your sleep and exercise, and enhancing your happiness, work-life balance and sexual health. Blissful fertility is a manifestation of your whole health. We leave no stone unturned on the path to your complete transformation.

Proper testing and diagnosis are essential for treating your fertility issues and optimizing your overall health.

We combine modern functional medicine (things like clinical observation and examination as well as blood, urine and saliva testing) with ancient traditional Chinese medicine practices to ensure the most effective holistic treatment plan.

All six elemets

Improve Your Well-Being

All six elements of the PATH TO PERFECT PREGNANCY system are interconnected and work together in perfect harmony to help you radically improve your well-being and increase your chances for a happy, healthy pregnancy.

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