Infertility Acupuncture in Vancouver

We believe nothing is more important than family. Everyone who desires should be able to experience the gift of becoming a parent. We understand that the struggles of infertility can be extremely difficult. We believe holistic support is necessary during these times and are passionate about delivering the care required along this journey.

Today, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is re-inventing the way people get pregnant. Yinstill provides hope, treatment, and resources for women and couples struggling to get pregnant and complete their family. We understand how difficult infertility can be. It is our goal to work with you to determine your unique needs so we can offer the support and options necessary to accomplish your dream of creating a happy healthy family. Our Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have years of unmatched experience treating both men and women suffering from reproductive conditions and are all certified Fellows of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (FABORM -

What makes Yinstill unique is our many years of integration with two of BC's largest IVF clinics; the Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine (PCRM), Grace Fertility, and Genesis Fertility Center. These relationships have served to deepen our understanding of what women and couples are going through, and how to better support them on their journey.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient medical healing system that utilizes acupuncture and herbs to restore holistic health in the body mind and spirit. With respect to reproductive conditions and infertility, TCM specifically works to promote hormonal balance, regulate the menstrual cycle, improve blood flow and nutrition to the reproductive organs, relieve pain, and reduce emotional stress

  • Current medical research shows that acupuncture can optimize chances of getting pregnant (IVF or natural conception)
  • Our Clinical data shows that acupuncture reduces perceived stress levels and pain
  • Local reproductive medical specialists report observing the powers of Chinese medicine and acupuncture in regulating ovulation and menstrual cycles
  • Countless women sing the praises of how acupuncture and Chinese herbs moderated their PMS and increase their sex drive
  • Women with recurrent pregnancy loss often attribute their ability to finally carry to term to regular acupuncture treatment

The following is a list of fertility related conditions treated regularly and effectively at Yinstill:

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Treatment for Infertility

There are 4 basic recommended treatment protocols. That said, the true essence of TCM involves the treatment of the individual, so the outlines below are general and will adjust according to specific needs.

  • Pre-Conception Natural Female and Male Fertility Enhancement. The importance of overall health and well-being in the months before conception cannot be over-stated. Nurturing your ‘whole’ self can help ensure that your body is optimized for getting pregnant, carrying to term, and both mom/baby being healthy. Yinstill provides Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture, combined with dietary advice, lifestyle guidance, and mind-body techniques, to offer a very powerful way to enhance your fertility and chances of conception. Evidence and experience also show that acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine can improve sperm parameters (for natural fertility or IVF support), decrease stress, increase libido, and aid with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
  • IVF Preparation. Acupuncture treatments twice per week for 2-6 weeks leading up to embryo transfer - increases ovarian response to IVF medications, increases blood flow to the uterine lining and developing follicles, relieves the effects of stress and anxiety, and increases clinical pregnancy and live birth rates.
  • On Site Embryo Transfer Day Acupuncture at PCRM & Genesis. On the day of your embryo transfer, acupuncture is administered 1 hour before your transfer is scheduled, and again immediately after. This treatment induces deep relaxation and stress relief. According to a recent Meta-analysis in the British Medical Journal, embryo transfer day acupuncture significantly improves pregnancy and live birth rates.
  • Acupuncture Care Throughout Pregnancy. Acupuncture treatments once per week throughout the first trimester of pregnancy - reduces the incidence of miscarriage, provides emotional support and calms the mother-to-be, increases blood flow to fetus, and relieves nausea and vomiting. Acupuncture also helps with a multitude of other conditions during pregnancy, and can aid with labour and delivery.

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