The BLISSFUL FERTILITY PROGRAM (BFP+) is your opportunity to experience our signature PATH TO PERFECT PREGNANCY system in action.

The BFP+

Fertility Optimization Program

It is not based on theory or hope but proven practices, scientifically validated research, and cutting-edge treatment solutions that ensure the most successful outcome.

While you’re welcome to book your treatments from the A-La-Carte menu, when appropriate we encourage you to choose our carefully curated BFP+ package designed to help you transform your health, ensure the most successful clinical outcome, and pave the path to perfect pregnancy.

*Treatments are offered at our award-winning clinics in Vancouver & Surrey with strict COVID precautions in place. Initial consultations are done via video/phone conferencing.

Duration: 12 weeks

Blissful Fertility Program (BFP+)

If you are trying to conceive naturally and/or dealing with seemingly insurmountable reproductive health challenges like endometriosis, PCOS, pelvic pain, unexplained infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, poor egg quality, failure to respond to IVF or advanced maternal age, and you are willing to do everything you can to overcome these struggles and optimize your chances of getting pregnant, then our Blissful Fertility Program (BFP+) is meant for you.

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If you are considering
preparing for IVF

Being at peak health in the three months prior to your egg retrieval is essential for improving egg quality and response to IVF medications. The Blissful Fertility Program (BFP+) is exactly what you need to optimize your chances of success;



3 months prior to ivf

ivf egg retrieval

A woman is born with all her eggs. For most women, ovulation and menstrual cycles begin around ages 10-14 (menarche). Eggs remain in a dormant (primordial) state until they are chosen to wake, mature, and ovulate, this maturation (antral follicle) phase is a 3 month period in which egg health is influenced by its environment

With respect to In Vitro Fertilization, 3 months prior to the IVF cycle your body naturally chooses the group of eggs which will ultimately all be matured (with hormone injections) and retrieved for fertilization. Therefore, the health of the woman during this time impacts the health of the eggs.

All-inclusive Blissful Fertility Program (BFP+)

This all-inclusive Blissful Fertility Program (BFP+) package is specifically designed to help you release stress, restore hormonal balance, increase egg quality, cleanse and nourish your body, decrease pain and inflammation, and lose weight (to name just a few benefits). Committing to this package will allow you to experience the true healing magic Yinstill is known for so that you can create what you desire and deserve.

The three-month BFP+
package includes

  • Online orientation
  • Advanced functional medical testing (micronutrient, thyroid, metabolic)
  • Three-week dietary cleanse
  • Three-month supply of Yinstill essential fertility supplements
  • Six private fertility coaching sessions with Dr. Pentland
  • One private diet & lifestyle consultation with a Yinstill reproductive expert
  • Twelve acupuncture treatments
  • Six micronutrient injections
  • Six micronutrient intravenous (IV) drip treatments
  • Eight-week supply of traditional Chinese herbal medicine (post cleanse)

*When you sign up to the BFP+ you also receive a 3 month supply of Enhanced fertility supplements (as per practitioner recommendations) at no extra cost (value $300-$425).

And, let’s not forget…

Duration: 12 weeks

Healthy Sperm

*Note: all men must complete a 30 minute initial consultation before beginning treatment at Yinstill

While optimizing your reproductive health is incredibly important for conceiving a healthy baby, there is no way around the fact that sperm takes 50% of the fertility equation. In many cases, it is a deal “maker” or “breaker”. Even when the doctor says that your partner’s sperm is “okay” or “fine”, there is always room for improvement. Especially when sperm quality can help overcome challenges with female fertility.

Healthy Sperm Package

The simple and straightforward HEALTHY SPERM package is designed to not only improve your partner’s sperm quality bit also enhance libido, sexual function, testosterone levels and overall mental and physical energy.

The three-month HEALTHY SPERM package includes

  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Three-month supply of Yinstill Healthy Sperm supplements
  • Twelve acupuncture treatments
  • Twelve micronutrient injections

If the BFP+ is not the right fit for your unique needs, please refer to our A-La-Carte products & services options.

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Yinstill Fertility Diet & Workbook

Learn how to optimize your fertility with Traditional Chinese Medicine dietary principles. Includes lots of great fertility-boosting recipes!