2nd Trimester

For most women, at the beginning of this trimester you start feeling and resembling yourself again. Your energy comes back, although it may not quite be 100%, nausea dissipates, and some fears and anxiety may dissolve as you hit this milestone.

Now is the time to start eat a more balanced meals that includes green veggies, fresh fruit, and good sources of protein including fish. This is the trimester where your baby will start bulking up and gaining weight, so food and water are very important. Research is show that the more varied a pregnant women’s diet is, the less picky your child will be. Continue taking your prenatal vitamin and DHA regularly.

You may also have enough energy to start exercising. Take it slow and gentle. Now is not the time to take your fitness to a new level. If you exercised prior to your pregnancy, you can resume your routine, but modify it according to your growing belly. If you feel inspired to start a new exercise routine, walking swimming and pre natal fitness class are a great way to get moving. The rule of thumb is not to have your heart rate rise over 140 beats per minute, or find your self gasping for air. Exercise during pregnancy is important as it helps to maintain a steady weight gain, mange blood sugar levels, increase circulation, and strengthen muscles needed for labour.

Yoga is an amazing activity during your pregnancy. It stretches those tight muscles and allows you to have the quiet time to connect with your baby. Some pre natal yoga classes are gear more towards women with bigger pregnant bellies. So if your belly hasn’t made its appearance yet, you may find prenatal yoga class not very challenging. It is fine to continue with regular yoga class ( just not Bikrams style), just be sure to let the instructor know you are pregnant so they can make the proper modifications for you.

As your belly grows, muscles relax, your pelvis can become unstable and your posture may change. It is not uncommon to feel some low back ache, sciatica, or pelvic pain as a result of these physical changes. Acupuncture is a safe treatment option to address these discomforts.

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