Our Commitment to a Fertile World

An important part of our mission at Yinstill is to help cultivate a fertile world. We follow eco-friendly business practices and we support companies and organizations that share this mentality. The following are a few of the key initiatives at Yinstill to fulfill our commitment.

Air filtration. On site at our clinic we have air and ultraviolet filtration. Absorbs particles, toxic gas, chemicals, and volatile organic compounds (VOC). https://www.zandair.com/ZAND-AIR-100C/

Paperless patient files. We keep digital patient files in a effort to reduce the amount of paper used at the clinic.

Carbon Neutral! We don’t just purchase carbon credits to offset the impact Yinstill has on the environment (travel, hydro & gas, cleaning, etc) to make us ‘carbon neutral’, we also buy credits to offset the impact of our clients driving to our clinic! ‘Going that extra mile’ so to speak.

Vancouver’s Farmer’s Markets. Supporting the sale and consumption of amazing local organic fertile food and supporting local farmers is such an important movement. We are very proud to support such an amazing organization. https://eatlocal.org/

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment. We donate regularly to this wonderful organization. They have initiated the removal of coal based power plants, closing of asbestos mines, and helped ban the sales of home and garden pesticides in many Canadian provinces. https://www.cape.ca/

Reforestation & wildlife habitat restoration. We have planted hundreds of trees in honor of Yinstill babies and members of the community that have contributed to the growth of our company. As we grow our successes and our company, we are also growing a forest!

David Suzuki Foundation. Extremely proud to support such an amazing organization. As a Canadian, where would we be with David Suzuki. He has taught us all so much about the nature of things!

Health Action Network Society (HANS). What a great local organization. They are the eyes and ears for concerned citizens when it comes to healthcare. The watch dogs of corporate and government policy and initiatives and how it affects the public health and well-being.

Shanti Uganda Birthing Center. A charity started locally which built and maintains a birthing centre in Uganda, saving the lives of many mother’s and babies.

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