Chantal Pentland, Office Director and Co-founder of Yinstill, is in charge of marketing, graphic design, social media, and human resources. Chantal has spent her last decade as the Creative director at Nettwerk Records, a local very successful label (Sarah McLaughlin, Bare Naked ladies, Avril Lavigne). Her skills in Human Resources and managing talent has come in handy at Yinstill as she thrives working along side such an amazing team of doctors and practitioners. Most of all she is creative and this lends itself well to her passion for design, graphic design and unique marketing ideas. She offers free in-house graphic design work and marketing advice for our practitioners. She cares deeply about the Yinstill’s clients and the practitioners, and most days you will see her up front or in the back connecting with the clients that come in.

Chantal’s most important motivation is setting a good example of a strong woman for her two (soon 3, & yes Chinese Medicine was a key factor with each pregnancy) young boys, as well as keeping her family happy, healthy and thriving.

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