Jaclyn Guse, General Manager

Jaclyn Guse is the GM of Yinstill Reproductive Wellness. She is an open-minded and welcoming individual with an interest in alternative medicines and health practices, which stems from her own personal health journey. Jaclyn is dedicated to providing a supportive and sacred space for the patients of Yinstill. She is deeply motivated by the impact of positive change that comes from patients experiences at the clinic. She believes that the work being done at Yinstill spreads seeds of hope, joy, and growth in our community and she is grateful to be able to contribute to the support system that patients rely on during trying times.

Since graduating from the University of British Columbia with a BA in Psychology and Art History, Jaclyn has worked in administrative positions in art institutions and initiatives such as Volumes Project, Rennie Collection and the Evergreen Cultural Centre. She is also inspired by connecting to people and sharing stories through various art mediums such as photography, painting and pottery.

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