Many pregnancy women, particularly those expecting more than one baby are anemic. Anemia occurs if the level of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin in red blood cells falls below normal. It is important to have healthy blood during pregnancy to prevent low birth weights or premature infants. Symptoms of anemia are dizziness, palpations, pale skin, lethargy, general malaise, poor concentration and emotional fragility.

Tips on coping with Anemia
– Eat vitamin C rich foods with iron rich ones
– Avoid too many calcium-rich foods, which inhibit iron absorption
– Folate and B12 nutrient IV or injection therapy is recommended (Dr. Nora Shilo)

Diet and Nutrition
– To prevent iron deficiency, eat lots of green veggies, pumpkin seeds, cherries, apricots, fish, and poultry, drink black currant and cranberry juice. The RDA for pregnancy women is 60mg.
– To remedy v.B12 eat eggs milk, cheese, white fish, pork and yeast extract.
– To reduce folate deficiency, eat nuts and raw or steamed green veggies, wheat germ, yeast extract, and legumes.

Complementary Treatments

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

-Pressure is applies to the stomach meridian, that is just off the lateral side of the chin bone. Sit on the floor with your knees bent. Place each thumb just beyond the knee bones where you feel the depression. Press for a few seconds four or five times.

-Ferrum phos. and Calc phos tissue salts can be taken by women with iron deficiency anemia to help improve the absorption of iron.

Western Herbalism
– Drink 1-4 cups a day of Nettle tea

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