Fertility Friends Running Club Vancouver

IMPORTANT NOTICE: the running club is done for the 2014 season. Check back for the start up in spring 2015 !

Hi. I just wanted to share an opportunity that might interest you…

I recently began running with Dr Sonya Kashyap, medical director of Genesis Fertility Centre. This inspired us to start the Fertility Friends Walk/Run Club in Vancouver. This is an official invite for you to come join us!

Employees of both clinics, patients undergoing treatment, those who are struggling to conceive and members of their support group are welcome to come out and enjoy some physical activity, Vancouver’s gorgeous scenery and the company of others who understand the struggle of infertility. During Wednesday mornings at 6am beginning August 27, 2014, we will depart from the Jericho parking lot East (link to Google map) towards the Spanish Banks for a 3 km run round trip. We invite all of you to join in this opportunity to improve your health in a supportive environment.

Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you soon! Oh and Forward this message to a friend if you feel they would benefit. Thank you.

Be well.

Dr Spence Pentland
Founder & Clinical Director – Yinstill Reproductive Wellness

IMPORTANT NOTE: for patients who are on ovarian stimulation medications we still encourage you to come out and join us, although running is not safe so we strongly encourage you to walk only.

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