Healthy Fathers Program

The Healthy Father’s Program is ideal for men who not only want to optimize their fertility, but also understand the importance of being a healthy father. This typically includes any man wanting to place a focus on their health and well-being, or more specifically men with more complex issues with semen production and quality and/or other aspects of reproductive health (morphology, antisperm antibodies, hormonal imbalance, DNA fragmentation) as well as an overall need for health improvement. The program length is 6 months and there are 3 basic components;
TEST     |     TEACH    |    TREAT


The following tests are recommended for any man faced with reproductive and/or health challenges. Since we know fertility optimization is dependant on the cultivation of whole health, precision medical practices to individualize your treatment plan is necessary. The first 5 tests provide the information necessary to properly customize your treatment recommendations (genetic health, male hormones, cardiometabolic panel, food allergies, and stool analysis). Sperm DNA fragmentation testing will be recommended on a case-by-case basis depending on need, and the Urology Exam is something that all men should go through with a reproductive urologist — this should be a first step in a man’s reproductive journey.  Click each section below for full information.

By using raw genetic data we can create a comprehensive report of valuable genetic information that can help guide recommendations for whole health, particularly diet, exercise, and supplementation, according to your specific DNA variants. Simply follow this link to receive 10% off your kit and start the 23andMe process now. Once you get these results consult with Dr Pentland about next steps. 

*If you are nervous about 23andMe running your health info, just simply opt into the ancestry portion (less $). From there we can obtain the same raw data required to utilize at another private service to run the comprehensive genetic health report.

What  people are saying;

“A heartfelt thank you for this insight . This is such amazing information and you shine a different light on the data than I understood. 

I thought the presence of my COMT snp meant I see the positive side of things . I did not realize that there was the other side of the coin! This has been eye opening and I am already making changes and hope to make this changes permanent part of my lifestyle. 
 I feel empowered and more determined than ever.  This has made me understand my body better and have more respect for it , rather than be frightened about the results of my genetic tests. I’m glad I did the test now and not 6 months ago when I purchased it.  I wouldn’t have had you to guide me with the interpretation.

Thank you”

Low testosterone is a common cause of irritability and grumpiness in men. If too much testosterone is converted to estradiol, decreased sex drive and increased breast size can result. Depression, erectile dysfunction, memory loss, or weight gain that are not relieved by mainstream medical interventions, may benefit from having a saliva hormone test.

Testing includes;

  • Testosterone, total
  • Testosterone, free
  • Androstenedione
  • Cortisol
  • DHEA-S
  • Estrone
  • Estradiol
  • Estriol, unconjugated
  • FSH
  • IGF-1
  • LH
  • SHBG
  • Prolactin
  • Progesterone
  • PSA total

Step-by-Step process;

  1. Purchase and pick up your test kit and shipping supplies from Yinstill. 
  2. Call Exam One 604.872.3610 to schedule your blood draw (Monday through Thursday only). They then take care of all the shipping and details – easy.
  3. Be sure to follow the instructions inside the package. Freeze and bring the ice pack with you, and fast (water only) before your blood draw.
  4. When the results are in your Yinstill practitioner will contact you. This usually takes about 2 weeks.

*Note: this process is exactly the same for both the Male hormone and cardiometabolic testing (they are done together – one test package only required).

What is bad for your heart is bad for your fertility! It is important for overall health and fertility to understand your basic risks for all cause mortality. Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases are the reasons for almost all early death. This extensive cardiometabolic panel is your best insight to how you measure up with your risks for conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. This test could literally save your life.  

Testing includes;

  • Lipoprotein Fractionation
  • Lipoprotein Particle Numbers
  • Total LDL Particles
  • Total HDL Particles
  • Triglycerides
  • Lipoprotein (a)
  • Leptin
  • Apolipoprotein B
  • hs-CRP
  • Homocysteine
  • Insulin
  • Glucose
  • Hemoglobin A1c
  • C-peptide
  • Adiponectin
  • OmegaCheck

Step-by-Step process;

  1. Purchase and pick up your test kit and shipping supplies from Yinstill. 
  2. Call Exam One 604.872.3610 to schedule your blood draw (Monday through Thursday only). They then take care of all the shipping and details – easy.
  3. Be sure to follow the instructions inside the package. Freeze and bring the ice pack with you, and fast (water only) before your blood draw.
  4. When the results are in your Yinstill practitioner will contact you. This usually takes about 2 weeks.

*Note: this process is exactly the same for both the Male hormone and cardiometabolic testing (they are done together – one test package only required).

This food sensitivities test provides information about foods that your body can be reacting to. IgG food reactions are delayed (a reaction can occur hours or days after the food is consumed), therefore it makes it difficult to determine which food is responsible for the reaction without doing the test.  Test kits are available for purchase at Yinstill. 

Step-by-Step process;

  1. In the week prior to testing, ensure you have eaten a wide variety of foods.
  2. Immunosuppressant medications can alter results.
  3. Fill out all highlighted sections on the lab requisition (in kit)
  4. Make appointment at Life Labs or drop in to get the blood draw (don’t forget your kit).
  5. Life Labs takes care of the shipping.
  6. We will be in contact when we receive the results (usually within 2 weeks)

Bacteria, yeast, and parasites could be playing a role in not only your gut health, but your overall health and ultimately sexual function and fertility. Find out if your gastrointestinal tract is harbouring microorganisms that should be addressed.

*Clear detailed collection and shipping instructions (including prepaid FedEx envelope) are included in the test kit.

NOTE: do not ship on Fridays or weekends, specimens need to be processed with a certain time frame and the weekend can disrupt shipping times.

This advanced semen testing is not always recommended to every patient. It provides clinically relevant information for natural conception and artificial reproduction independent of those derived from conventional semen parameters. Talk to your Yinstill practitioner about getting a requisition for this report. Current evidence supports the association between high sperm DNA fragmentation and poor outcomes with regards to natural conception and intrauterine insemination.

Step-by-Step process;

      1. Reception will fill out your patient information on the Reprosource form
      2. They will check off ASR 2.0 test box (advanced semen report) and the home semen collection box
      3. Reception will email your form to Reprosource to get in contact with you
      4. Reprosource will then contact you shortly thereafter to explain the procedure and charge you directly for the test cost and shipping cost ($175 US for testing and about $110 for shipping). Note* The shipping cost is quite a lot due to fast shipping of biological products across international borders that require freezing is relatively expensive
      5. Reprosource will ship you a container to send the sperm sample in and explain the shipping process to you. If you should have any questions about the collection or process please contact Reprocourse directly.
      6. Once you send it off results will be uploaded to an online portal after approximately 10 days
      7. Your practitioner will have access to your results and will contact Yinstill Reproductive Wellness reception to contact you and schedule you an appointment to discuss the results.

A reproductive urologist will investigate more deeply into the possibility of an underlying issue with Chris’s health that could be causing the poor sperm quality.  Below is an ideal male fertility work up. As poor sperm health could be an indicator for more serious health issues, infertility is a great opportunity to investigate further. Below is an ideal evaluation for any man with sub-optimal sperm;



A full medical & social history should be taken. This includes family and personal medical issues both present and past, developmental issues as a child (i.e. undescended testis), use of medications (some negatively affect sperm, i.e. drugs for hair loss, hypertension, prostate issues), sexual history, use of proper lubricants, & occupation (exposure to toxins or heat, sedentary). Please bring all prior medical evaluation paperwork with you to your initial appointment.

  • recent fevers or illness
  • cancer
  • infections or STD’s
  • surgeries
  • trauma
  • Family: cryptorchidism, hypogonadism
  • DES exposure
  • Medications
  • childhood infections: mumps
  • diabetes
  • thyroid issues
  • tobacco, alcohol, drugs, steroids
  • Proper timing of intercourse
  • lubricant use
  • Heat exposure
  • Toxin exposure
  • Occupational history
  • Partner history (gynecological & obstetrical)

Physical Exam

BMI, blood pressure, secondary sex characteristics, irregularities of the penis & testicles, careful palpation of the spermatic ducts for tenderness and/or obstruction as well as varicocele, and especially if there are any abnormal urinary symptoms, a prostate & seminal vesicle exam should be performed.

Semen Analysis

As Dr. Paul Turek states: ‘although not a true measure of fertility, the semen analysis, if abnormal, may suggest that the probability of achieving pregnancy is statistically low.’ It is always recommended to get 2 semen tests done, at least 2-3 months apart to rule out error. As well, it is recommended to have them done at a fertility clinic and opt for more extensive style semen testing options that are available. Unfortunately, sperm DNA fragmentation Assays are not currently done in Vancouver, as this is an important test that has particular importance in being used when recurrent pregnancy loss is evident. Normal up-to-date semen testing values:

– Volume: >1.5ml

– Concentration: >15 million/ml

– Motility: >40% forward rapid progressive

– Morphology: >4% normal forms

*Anti-sperm antibodies should be tested for if the following are present: should be no agglutination, white cells, increased viscosity, or raised ph. .

*Genetic testing should be considered if sperm concentration is zero or very low.

Lab tests

Hormones associated with reproduction should be measured if:

1) Sperm concentration is 2) There is impaired sexual function (erectile dysfunction, low libido)

3) There are exam findings of a specific hormone disorder (i.e. thyroid).

  • Semen analysis (ASA & round cell staining to determine leukocyte content – CD45 monoclonal antibody)
  • Post-ejaculate urinalysis: check for retrograde ejaculation & seminal fructose (if absent or PH is low, seminal vesicles may be absent or obstructed)
  • Thyroid TSH (Free T3 & T4, anti TPO): especially if motility or morphology or erectile health is an issue.
  • Testosterone
  • FSH
  • LH
  • prolactin
  • estrogen
  • Coritsol
  • Fasting glucose
  • Post-coital testing
  • CBC
  • Cholesterol
  • STI swab

*Package pricing is available when all tests offered directly through Yinstill are purchased (male hormones, cardiometabolic, food allergies, & stool analysis).


We will go through each of these important topics in depth within the first few appointments. We encourage you to read ahead and come prepared with your questions so that you can get crystal clear on each and easily integrate them into your life. If you ever have any questions please contact your practitioner at any time. Click each section below for full information.

  • Are you cooking your balls? This 10 minute questionnaire will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your reproductive health and provide personalized recommendations for how to optimize your fertility.
  • Keep your testicles cool, they prefer it 2-3℃ below body temperature.
    • DO NOT take a hot tub or sauna while trying to conceive. Showers are okay.
    • Wear loose fitting undergarments that are of all natural fibers. Polyesters, rayons and lycra retain heat. Cotton, merino wool and bamboo will breathe much better.  
    • Try not to cross your legs for too long and takes lots of breaks if you sit for periods at work.
    • If you are FEVERISH, use a cold pack on your testicles to keep them cool. A fever can temporarily diminish sperm quality.
    • Make sure there is good ventilation in the clothes that you are wearing and limit your exercise to 45-60 minutes or 30 minutes if it is higher intensity. After exercise make sure you take time to stretch and cool down, do not sit on a couch or go straight to work as this will keep the testicles close to a hot body and negatively affect spermatogenesis.
    • Ejaculate regularly (when not trying to conceive it should still be once weekly) to minimize free radical damage. Imagine cars in a tunnel with the smoke and exhaust building up over time – this will eventually become toxic. The same goes for sperm and so regular ejaculation is important.
    • Do not keep your smartphone in your front pocket or laptop on your lap, it can damage sperm. – here’s why


The following are descriptions of the treatments involved in the program. The use of Chinese herbal medicine will be determined on a case-by-case basis. TENS & PBM are self-administered treatments to do at home. Again, if you ever have any questions please contact your practitioner at anytime. Click each section below for full information.

Herbal medicine is the cornerstone of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. Here in the West it shares the position of primary treatment choices with Acupuncture. To realize the true potential healing effects of TCM, both herbal medicine and acupuncture should be administered.
At Yinstill we use Sun Ten herbs. Their herbal powders are used in hospitals in Taiwan, and are third party tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and other xenobiotics when coming into Canada. Bema Botanical pharmacy in North Vancouver compounds the formulas we prescribe and prepares them into tablets (with the only additive being a hemp based binder) or individual sachets of powder for daily dosage, mixed with water as a tea.
The following formulas are used in their traditional recipes or modified to fit each patients specific needs for most of the men we treat at Yinstill;
Wu Zi Yang Zong Wan – a formula of 5 seeds that will help almost any case of male factor infertility without a specific known cause.
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang – the most commonly prescribed formula, meant to help reduce inflammation and dampness accumulation surrounding the reproductive organs caused by modern lifestyles. It is also effective at reducing stress and anger.
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang – this formula is meant for men that complain of very low energy, poor digestion, low immunity, or are overweight.
Chai Hu Shu Gan San – this formula is given to men who have high stress but are otherwise healthy. It is very effective at soothing emotions.
You Gui Wan – this formula is intended for the exhausted man, often displaying signs of low testosterone and poor sexual function, and that is of advanced reproductive age.

*Package pricing is available when the full electro-acupuncture and glutathione injection protocols are purchased.

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