How to properly do a post-holiday cleanse (and why your body desperately needs it)

The month of December is such an incredible time during which most of us get to catch up with family, friends, loved ones, and of course some of our favourite foods. When advising patients during the holidays, I normally tell them not to worry about this. It’s true that the diet is an important fundamental factor of overall health, however December is not the best time to initiate dietary changes if you want to set yourself up for success. Normally we encourage our patients to eat as they normally would over the holidays, and get back on track with healthy eating habits in January. Therefore, the start of a new year creates a great opportunity for you to cleanse and reset your whole system to set the tone for a healthy year.

The Cleanse program at Yinstill makes this very easy and straightforward. You will be provided with specific instructions on how to implement the Cleanse program and the rest of the healthy recommendations into your life (ask your practitioner to send you details). The main two components of the Cleanse are the Cleanse supplement, and the dietary guidelines. The Cleanse supplement is one that you take daily. It is in powder form which makes it very easy to take either mixed in water or in a morning smoothie. Equally simple are the dietary recommendations which clearly outline which foods to include and which foods to avoid during this program.

The goal of the Cleanse program is to reduce overall inflammation in the body, improve the efficiency with which your liver, kidneys and bowels are able to break down and remove toxins from the body, improve digestion, energy levels, encourage healthy sugar and weight regulation, increase nutrient availability to the cells of the body, encourage maximum absorption of nutrients from the food you’re eating, and improve your overall health. As you can see, there are many benefits to resetting your body with the help of Cleanse, and these benefits are all the more valuable after the holiday season when you have likely overburdened your body with the consumption of unhealthy foods, alcohol, as well as an irregular or unhealthy sleep schedule.

The cost of one bottle of Cleanse is $63.99 and you will need two to complete the program. Since you will be eating primarily home cooked meals, you will also be saving money on eating out. We encourage you to stick with the diet for a minimum of 3 weeks, however in our opinion, 2-3 months is optimal in order to really heal the gut and minimize inflammation in the body.

January is such a great time to start implementing new healthy habits that you can eventually turn into permanent habits and lifestyle changes. Although new year’s resolutions are great in theory, many people fall off the wagon quickly due to a lack of planning and education around their health-related resolutions. Yinstill’s Cleanse makes it so easy for you to succeed and see results right away. There is no doubt in our minds that you will be able to stick with your health goals for this year with the help of Cleanse.

To start the program, stop by Yinstill to pick up a bottle of Cleanse, or go to our online shop and purchase your bottles there.

Happy Cleansing!

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