Important Patient Information & Procedures During COVID

We are excited that we can support you on your journey toward improved health and fertility during COVID. To ensure everyone’s safety during this time we are adhering to strict guidelines set out by our regulatory professional colleges, BC CDC, and WorkSafe BC. Please read this post so that you fully understand new PATIENT RESPONSIBILITIES AND PROCEDURES so that treatments run smoothly for all and infection control systems are consistently upheld.

If you have any questions please contact us.


    • PLEASE;
        • use the following assessment tool to determine if you should be self-isolating or going for testing – CLICK HERE
        • if you are recommended testing or self-isolation do not come to our clinic at this time.
    • You will be asked basic screening questions in an online form sent to you prior to treatment. YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS FORM BEFORE ENTERING OUR CLINICS.
    • You MUST wear a mask the entire time you are at Yinstill (fabric is ok). Masks must cover the mouth and the nose.
    • As soon as you enter the clinic you will be required to use the available hand sanitizer and remain/sit only in the designated areas until you are called into treatment.
    • Please bring or wear appropriate clothing for treatment as we will not be providing sheets for draping.
    • We require your payment card to be on file before your appointment. We will not take payments at the front desk. Receipts will not be printed (emailed only).
    • Patients are required to arrive on time for an appointment (not early or late) to reduce contact with others in the clinic. If you are early, remain in your car or outside until it is your actual appointment time.
    • While at the clinic, please do not touch anything except hand sanitizers, your own personal belongings, available tissues, the waiting room chairs, the treatment tables, and the product bag if you are picking up products.


  • The clinic and treatment rooms will be disinfected according to guidelines from our regulatory colleges, WorkSafe BC, and BC CDC.
  • Staff will be wearing appropriate PPE, following infection control guidelines for treatment (hand hygiene etc), and using clean needle techniques for any transdermal needling.
  • The number of practitioners and patients in the clinic at any given time will be limited to ensure everyone’s safety and the transmission of infection (physical distancing).
  • Staff will not be on-premises if they do not pass COVID screening guidelines.

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