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Pregnancy and childbirth are miraculous processes, yet they are both taxing on your body. Growing and birthing a baby involve intense hormonal fluctuations and require great investments of your energy and nutrient stores. You can think of the placenta as nature’s gift to new mothers- it is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and hormone-balancing properties.

You may be wondering who in their right mind would consider ingesting their placenta. Placenta encapsulation is becoming very popular, with women from all walks of life gaining the benefits from it. Many modern women have done their own research and are simply hoping to use this unique form of natural medicine to set themselves up for a healthy and peaceful introduction to motherhood.

Taking capsules made out of your own placenta after you give birth can increase your milk supply, boost your energy, and decrease your chances of postpartum depression naturally. Many women are choosing this unique supplement so they can enter motherhood in the healthiest way possible- mind, body & soul.

How can placenta capsules benefit you?

  • hormonal balance
  • increased milk supply
  • increased energy
  • decreased fatigue
  • decreased postpartum anemia

What mothers are saying about placenta encapsulation:

“Recovery from my first birth was long and emotionally difficult but this second postpartum period was infinitely easier. I attribute much of my speedy return to a sense of balance to the placenta pills. I suffered from undiagnosed postpartum depression for much of the first year after my first child. I had very little energy and clarity of mind in the first months, despite uncharacteristcally good sleep for the newborn phase. This time I was so much more content and had plenty of energy and I feel that was from taking the placenta capsules.” – Krista

“I was originally pretty freaked out by the idea of consuming my placenta, but I had read enough about the benefits that I wanted to give it a try. My capsules were delivered to me on day 3 post-partum, in the midst of the worst of the post-birth hormone crash, and it was like instant relief. They were in a cute little canister, very professionally presented with their ‘Urban Doula’ logo, and totally non-intimidating. Just like the prenatal vitamins I had been taking all along. I still have some hoarded in my freezer that I take when I’m feeling particularly down or sleep deprived, and I notice a real difference.” – Natalie deGoey

“I never felt like a ‘new mom zombie’, and I know I owe it to my placenta capsules. It definitely helped dealing with the lack of sleep, low energy days, mood swings (when emotions washed over me) and gave my milk production a boost on lower supply days.I wish I still had some I could take here and there today!” – Jenny Obermeier

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