After a year of trying to conceive…

After a year of trying to conceive with no luck, I had started fertility testing with my GP and was on a long waitlist to see a gynecologist. While I waited a friend suggested I go to Yinstill and I could not be more grateful! The entire staff is warm and welcoming and Lara was a beautiful teacher, partner and support. Not only was she able to put together an effective TCM treatment plan (supplements and acupuncture) but she was also able to offer guidance on diet, exercise and mental health – a truly holistic approach. Working with Lara made me feel for the first time like I was able to take control of my experience. By the time the gynecologist called four months later, I was pregnant! I am forever grateful to Lara and the staff at Yinstill for playing such a pivotal part in my fertility journey. Thank you Yinstill!

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