After my third pregnancy loss…

“After my third pregnancy loss I wondered if I would ever be able to have a baby. With the latest of the losses being in the second trimester I was heart broken and scared for what the future may hold. I had never thought that the path to becoming a mother would be so difficult and heart breaking. I started acupuncture in the months that followed and met Spence at that time. Being at acupuncture and working with Spence brought me a sense of calmness and offered an additional support as I continued on the journey to parenthood. It all started three years ago and since that first appointment I have been blessed with two beautiful, perfect baby boys. Seeing my two year old hold his baby brother brings me such happiness. I truly believe that acupuncture and the help I received from Spence was instrumental in making my dreams come true. Words are not enough but all I can say is THANK YOU!”


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