After Several Unsuccessful IVF Attempts…

Dear Spence & Alda, After a long difficult journey including several unsuccessful IVF attempts, I was beginning to believe that I could never become pregnant. When a friend recommended acupuncture we had already decided that this IVF cycle would be the last but that I would do anything to increase my chance of success.

I did not anticipate the profound effect of acupuncture on my sense of well-being and on my emotional, psychological and physical state. The treatment enabled me to find my balance again.

I want to thank you so much for your skill, your professionalism, and your caring. I felt in such good hands. When it came time for our IVF cycle I felt better prepared than I had ever before – regardless of the outcome.

When we got the exciting news of our pregnancy I knew that you had played an important part of the success.

I cannot thank you both enough. You are amazing people who help create miracles!


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