After suffering 3 miscarriages…

I came to see Dr. Pentland at the recommendation of a friend, after suffering 3 miscarriages. I was at the lowest point in my life and feeling very depressed and pessimistic about the future. At the very first meeting, Dr. Pentland made me feel at ease and gave me hope. He listened to me with complete attention as I cried and told him my history. Dr. Pentland was always calm, soothing and optimistic.

I had never had any acupuncture done prior to seeing Dr. Pentland. In fact, I was a little skeptical about alternative therapies. But I found that with the very first visit, I left feeling lighter, happier and most importantly…more at peace. Dr. Pentland helped me feel more connected with my body and as I was still grieving the last pregnancy I lost at 16 weeks, he supported me as I worked through so many emotions and personal turmoil. Dr. Pentland helped my body recover from the previous trauma and restored the inner balance that I needed.

I know with absolute certainty that without the healing work of Dr. Pentland through my visits, I wouldn’t be typing this as I watch my beautiful 6 month old daughter, playing beside me. I would not hesitate recommending anyone to see Dr. Pentland and Yinstill Reproductive Wellness.


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