Another Huge Fan !

After some time trying to conceive, I became concerned that my body was somehow subtly out of balance. According to western medical methods, everything was completely “normal”, but I had an inkling that my IBS and the years I had spent overseas working in a stressful environment had taken a toll on my body.

A good friend of mine, who is also a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, recommended that I see Spence as she had heard wonderful things about him. From our first meeting, I felt completely at ease with him and continued to feel absolutely cared for. I also felt that we shared a similar vision of restoring my body to a balanced state so that things could proceed naturally. Treatments were always something I looked forward to as they were a time to reflect, relax, and renew.

After only two months of treatment, I became pregnant and am now in the final few weeks of a healthy pregnancy.

I feel totally grateful to Spence for his expertise, his ongoing care, and his support. Another huge fan!

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