Best bathroom break ever…

It’s hard to believe I am actually writing this email…but we are really REALLY excited to share that we are expecting a baby!! After nearly three years of waiting and hoping and praying (along with some struggling and crying and pounding our heads against walls), L was finally able to pee on the stick and see a positive result! Best bathroom break EVER.

Spence, we want you to know the very, very important role you played in our lives as we’ve walked through the last few years. Thank you for all the great advice and encouragement you provided, along with the spectacularly relaxing and renewing acupuncture. Thank you for exposing us to new ways of caring for ourselves, but never pushing us too much. Thank you for your kindness and generosity in hearing our story and helping us carry the load. You helped us feel known and normal, and we are truly thankful to have called you our friend through this crazy season of life.

L is about 8 weeks along, and we have our first doctor appointment on Wednesday. The whole thing feels very surreal to me…but is feeling very nauseatingly real for L, who is currently enjoying a diet made up primarily of Ginger Ale and saltines. We are elated and completely overjoyed, and praying for this sweet little raspberry-sized child as it develops and grows. It looks like the baby will come in June, which means we will have a brand new infant when we go to my new job in August. Crazy! But so fun…

Hopefully our paths will cross with yours sometime soon. Thanks again for everything!


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