Beyond my gratitude for her support

My journey with Junko started about three years ago and I now consider acupuncture sessions with her an important part of maintaining health and returning to health when I get overly stressed or make less good choices. Acupuncture with Junko works for my mental health and emotional well-being in addition to the excellent results for my reproductive health. Before getting treatments with Junko, I had been diagnosed with endometriosis and my husband and I were experiencing repeated failed attempts to get pregnant for almost a year. After more investigation on both our reproductive health, my husband started getting treatments at Yinstill too (with Sean Harris in 2017). I don’t think it was even three months of my husband receiving treatments that we got pregnant. As for my endometriosis symptoms of pain and heavy flows, they have not reoccured as long as I have maintained the diet that works for me and apply the strategies I learned in my sessions with Junko. 

I continue to see Junko for acupuncture and for the space of tranquility Yinstill provides. Junko is so generous and a great listener. I can also highly recommend treatments with Junko for postpartum recovery or recovery from surgery of any kind. 

Since he was a newborn our baby was known for his pleasant temperament. Everyone who meets him comments on how calm and happy he is. I can’t help but think that my weekly sessions of acupuncture with Junko had an influence on his development in utero.  

Junko is so knowledgeable and it’s so clear she is passionate about helping the people who come to her treatment table. Junko is committed to and is very good at considering the individual as a whole social, emotional, and spiritual being in a physical human form. I ask questions of Junko when she is assessing my tongue or putting a needle in and her responses are so often affirming and fascinating. My love and appreciation for my body has grown on this journey of preparing for pregnancy, carrying baby, birthing and healing postpartum. Beyond my gratitude for her support along my fertility/pregnancy/birthing/postpartum journey, I have a deep appreciation for Junko Lodge as a human being. 

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