Dr. Flynn helped us on our journey to parenthood

I have been a patient of Dr. Erin Flynn’s for over four years. A friend recommended acupuncture as I have PCOS and was having a hard time getting pregnant, and I thought “why not”? A quick Google search led me to a clinic specializing in fertility and my instant love of acupuncture was born.

I started slowly at first with just one session every week or two. I tried to follow the diet and lifestyle recommendations, although some months were better than others. Soon, on Erin’s recommendation, I started taking Chinese herbs. After a few months, it was suggested that I increase my treatments to 4 times per week for the first half of my cycle every month. During this time, many people commented on how great I looked and the “glow” I had about me. This regimen instantly normalized my erratic cycles and resulted in a pregnancy after 3 months.

Unfortunately, that pregnancy did not go full term for reasons outside of my PCOS. Erin was a great support in helping me move forward after this loss. I continued the acupuncture for a few more months. When 4 times a week got to be unmanageable, I went back to once a week and started Clomid. After 2 months, I was pregnant again with my beautiful, healthy son who is now 2. Although I was on medication when we conceived him, I had no doubt that the acupuncture and lifestyle changes of the previous year greatly contributed to our success.

I received acupuncture treatments at the beginning and end of my pregnancy to help with implantation and then cervical ripening. Particularly the cervical ripening was very beneficial in preparing me for labour. The baby had been breech until shortly before he was born, but did turn in the end and I managed to give birth naturally. I believe the acupuncture was also a huge help in keeping my blood pressure down, as my midwives were monitoring me for preeclampsia.

After a recent early loss (blighted ovum), I am now 41, back to doing acupuncture and trying for #2. What I have learned in the years working with Erin is that my diet and overall health are such vital parts of managing my PCOS. Although I find the treatments themselves so relaxing, I also do yoga and meditate to reduce my stress. I strive to cut out sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy and processed foods from my diet (not easy!). I try to get enough sleep and exercise (even harder!).
I cannot say enough about what an important part of our journey to parenthood Erin has been. I have found her to be a kind, calm, supportive, and generous person. I would recommend anyone who is planning to start a family see her. If I had unlimited resources, I would go every day.


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