Fertility and Stress Relief

I decided to try acupuncture to help relieve the stress of fertility treatment. Having only tried acupuncture in the past to relieve physical pain, I had no idea what to expect but have been amazed at how calming and helpful the process has been. Sean Quigley is caring, understanding and easy to talk to, which I consider to be essential attributes of a practitioner who deals with something as emotionally charged as fertility. Sean always takes the time to thoroughly ‘check in’ with me at the beginning of each session and is always willing to follow up on my questions. I have been receiving treatment from Sean for approximately 6 weeks and have definitely noticed a positive difference in terms of overall stress levels, including a major reduction in stomach cramping that I believe was stress related. While it is too soon to comment on the impact these sessions have had on the fertility treatment itself, my primary reason for visiting Sean was stress reduction so I am a happy customer so far! I am looking forward to continuing to work with Sean throughout the pregnancy journey and would recommend acupuncture to others struggling with fertility.

Kate S.

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