Forever grateful for their clinic and doctors!

Dr. Pentland and the entire Yinstill staff have incredibly supportive during our journey to conceive. Having a lot of troubles conceiving in the past to major medical problems, we were resolved to a life without bearing children. Discovering TCM and Dr. Pentland opened our eyes to more than just traditional western medicine. Even after our first failed IVF attempt, Dr. Pentland gave us an ear to listen and the support we desperately needed. He convinced us to start a new treatment plan in preparation for a second IVF cycle. A year later full of treatments and positive vibes, not only we were we able to conceive but with twins! We continued with Dr. Pentland’s treatment as we had a high risk pregnancy. I am proud to say we have given birth to a healthy son and daughter! Dr. Pentland and the entire Yinstill staff played a major role in our little miracles and we are forever grateful for their clinic and doctors! We have recommended many of our friends to Yinstill and they are excited to go in based on our own success!

–PP and NP

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