Healthy Baby Boy!

Before visiting Spence, I felt so alone, frustrated, disappointed and sad every month when my cycle would start yet again. Almost all my friends, family and close co-workers were pregnant / having babies. I was surrounded by all these lucky people who didn’t have any problems conceiving so it was hard to find someone to talk to who really understood the ups and downs of what I was going through. I appreciated friends listening to me, but it wasn’t the same as being able to relate to someone who had experienced the same issues. I was charting my basal temperature daily, taking prenatal vitamins, using ovulation tests… I hoped we would get pregnant soon, but as I kept stressing about it, it did not help. It was like a vicious cycle. I just couldn’t seem to get it out of my mind.

My husband and I tried for a baby for 8 months before getting pregnant and then suffering a miscarriage. We were devastated and it took a long time for me to mentally heal after our loss. After another year passed of unsuccessful trying, my husband read an article in Time magazine so we decided to try acupuncture to help us have a healthy conception.

We met with Spence who is the sweetest person and so caring and knowledgeable in his field. He always made us feel like we weren’t alone in this struggle and gave us encouragement and support throughout the whole process. With his recommendation, we did a cleanse where we ate only certain healthy foods, exercised regularly and made time to relax. We both had acupuncture done and drank some Chinese herbal teas. I always looked forward to my appointments as they were similar to a spa experience with the gentle treatments, dimmed lights, aromatherapy and calming music.

After seeing Spence for 2 months, I got pregnant and we were beyond thrilled. Today we have a beautiful healthy baby boy! I believe that acupuncture and Spence’s skills played a pivotal role in our ability to conceive and would like to thank him for helping create our little miracle.

– RK

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