Highly Recommend Dr. Spence Pentland: Healthy Baby after a Stillborn

I came to Dr. Spence after having a stillborn baby in 2009. I never considered TCM or acupuncture before and didn’t even know that it would help me (and frankly was terrified of needles!). I only knew that I needed more that what my family doctor was offering, which was to get pregnant and “hope it doesn’t happen again.”

I met with Spence and instantly knew that I was in very capable hands. He is not only professional and knowledgeable but is a very compassionate person. He was the only doctor I had met with that really took the time to get to know me and make me feel supported on my journey. I started seeing Spence a few months before I was even allowed to get pregnant again. I wanted to make sure that my body and mind were ready to support another baby. He worked with me to regulate my cycles and help me work through the anxiety of being pregnant again. After two cycles of trying, I was pregnant again and terrified. I saw Dr. Spence on a weekly basis and looked forward to my sessions with him. I left his office feeling relaxed, happy and healthy. In July 2010, my husband and I welcomed a healthy and happy baby boy into our lives. I cannot thank Dr. Spence enough for his knowledge and support in my journey to becoming a mom. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Thanks again Spence!

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