I can do it with my own eggs!

I have suffered from infertility for a long time. I had done an IVF that went really bad. I got 14 eggs, 6 mature that 5 of them arrested the next day. I had just one very bad quality embryo to transfer and of course no pregnancy. When I saw my doctor after this failed IVF he strongly recommended donor egg to me. I was devastated.

Then I met Dr. Pentland at PCRM. I have to say I was really lucky to meet him. He spent enough time to educate me about acupuncture and the research of how it works. I started acupuncture weekly with him and he recommended supplements and CoQ10 as well. Acupuncture helped me so much to be relax and positive. 6 months later I did my second IVF, the result is unbelievable , 24 eggs, 22 mature, 18 fertilized, 6 grade 1 ( considering grading is from 1 to 5 which 1 is the best). I transferred 3 grade one embryos. No matter what outcome, I am the proof for acupuncture helping infertility.

I would suggest acupuncture for IVF, specifically Dr Pentland, to any lady who is going through the hardship of infertility.

Thank you Dr. Pentland for helping me hold onto the belief that I can do it with my own eggs!


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