I felt more energized and better muscle recovery

Every pregnancy is different and doesn’t always come easy. This ran true for myself, when my husband and I were on a mission to add another bundle of joy to our family. I thought that since getting pregnant the first time was easy – we barely even tried – didn’t even bother with ovulation kits or tracking or anything – so naturally I thought that this time wouldn’t be any different. However, with life being busier now, finding less energy and alone time to spend with one another, it was difficult. After about a year of trying on our own with no luck, and the new year just around the corner I decided that we needed to try something completely different.

I was motivated to lose all the weight that I gained throughout the year to get back to my pre-baby weight, and ready to get pregnant! I started researching more natural ways of getting your body back in balance, which is when I stumbled across Yinstill. I was intrigued by the ancient Chinese medicine and the services that they offer, so I thought “hey, why not give it a shot, especially since it is covered by my medical – got nothing to lose”. I signed up for a consultation and even told my husband that he should try a couple sessions.

After meeting with Lara and being amazed with the vast amount of knowledge and advice that she had, I knew that I made the right choice. We followed her advice and were able to conceive within 12 weeks of starting our session with her. It was great working with someone that has the great deal of experience and expertise as she does, especially since she was working with both myself and my husband – so she was able to tweek the areas of focus week to week based on where I was with my cycle for the both of us. My husband also did the IV and MIC therapies which really helped refuel him, as he worked night shifts. Lara oversaw myself pre-conception, during pregnancy and even post delivery/surgery. Her advice and recommendations when it came to prenatal supplements were awesome, as I noticed a difference between my pregnancies and even when the babies were born. This time around, following her recommendation I was taking the vitamin D/K2 drops along with the other vitamins/supplements and noticed that jaundice was not an issue for baby #2. With respect to the post surgery treatments, as I had a c-section the first time around as well as this time, I felt more energized and better muscle recovery.


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