I heard about Spence on Global News…

I heard about Spence on Global News and my husband and I had been trying to conceive for some time. When I first met Spence, I appreciated his honestly and frankness as well as his ability to adapt his approach to meet our specific needs and my personality traits. After our initial meeting with Spence, he drafted a comprehensive plan for treatment which included all aspects of my health and well-being including but not limited to, physical, psychological, emotional, dietary and cognitive. The plan was impressive and the implementation was seemless. After the plan was created I began attending weekly appointments. These appointments became the highlight of my week and I thoroughly enjoyed not only the treatments as they were relaxing and beneficial but also the personal growth which Spence and our conversations provided me.

Following five months of weekly treatments and herbs my husband and I were able conceive. Following conception I was particularly ill and fatigued and working in a very male dominated profession. I continued to see Spence weekly during this time and he provided me with treatments for my symptoms as well as and most importantly guidance for my professional responsibilities and how to approach the ‘pregnancy’ issue. I am very grateful to him and all the support he provided me (and my husband) during this time. Most importantly he was amazing at dealing with my extreme Type-A personality and for that I am (as is my husband :)) forever grateful.

It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful for the story on Global News and meeting Spence.

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