I Now Have 2 Beautiful Sons…

In 2005 after a failed IVF treatment and emotionally drained from struggling with infertility, I decided to try acupuncture along with my fertility treatments. I did not know anything about acupuncture but simply wanted to make sure I was covering all the bases. The thing I feared most was failure and I needed to know I had done all I could possibly do. What I did not expect was the profound impact acupuncture would have on me.

Meeting Spence for the first time I immediately felt the caring and compassion he had. In getting to know him I saw he also possessed an internal peace and stillness. I realized that this was something I had lost somewhere along the way, in part due to the emotional struggle of infertility but also due to life and a high stress job. It is not an overstatement to say that the treatment I received from Spence was life changing. I was not an anxious person externally, but internally I was starting to feel frantic – exactly what you do not want when you are trying to conceive. Spence’s treatments enabled me to internally quiet and calm myself in a way I had not felt in years, if ever. I was able to reach a point where I would be at peace even if I was unsuccessful in my attempt to become pregnant; I was able to face failure and not be terrified. I had thought acupuncture might bring me some level of relaxation and perhaps help with my fertility in some way. I had no idea it would impact me so substantially, beyond my infertility struggle and in a lasting way.

I now have two beautiful sons and saw Spence for both of their pre-conception and pregnancy treatments. I still feel the benefit of the treatments I received and remain very grateful to have met Spence. I cannot recommend Spence highly enough. He is kind, compassionate, non-judgmental and a skilled listener and healer.


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