I truly felt like Spence understood what I was going through

In the summer of 2012, my husband and I embarked on the IVF journey; a potentially stressful experience, which is both expensive and emotional, with no guarantee of success. I had read positive research that supported acupuncture in combination with IVF. Because we were spending so much money on IVF, we wanted to do everything we could in our power to help make this work! Having tried acupuncture in the past, I wanted someone who was familiar with fertility issues. Since I was going to PCRM for my IVF treatment, I decided to meet with Dr. Spence Pentland, who is located on the same floor as my fertility clinic.

As soon as I met Spence, I instantly felt calmer. He has this soothing energy around him, and you can’t help but relax by simply being in his presence. This first treatment was a combination of fabulous acupuncture, plus a mini counselling session. I truly felt like Spence understood what I was going through. He was so familiar with the entire IVF process, from the emotions, to the various medications I had to take, and I found this very reassuring. The environment in which Spence has created, helped me relax even more. I listened to some calming music, enjoyed the essential oils of lavender, and was given a heated blanket. I almost fell asleep! I rested for some time, and I honestly felt more relaxed, and even felt more positive.

I have found in the ups and downs of fertility, the only people who truly understand this journey are the ones who have gone through it themselves. Friends around me were getting pregnant so easily, and were quick to say, “Take your mind off it, and it will happen.” To have someone who truly understood the emotions I was going through was a blessing. I looked forward to our chats, and Spence often offered suggestions, such as taking omegas, and going for walks, as ways to help me feel better.

I continued to have acupuncture treatments up to my IVF transfer day. On the day of the transfer, I had a treatment before and after the transfer was done. I feel this really helped because it calmed me down before the transfer, and I also felt relaxed and calm after the transfer. After every acupuncture treatment, I had the best night sleeps! I was often prone to waking up at 3:00 a.m., and my mind would begin to wander, worrying that this might not work. Acupuncture not only relieved my stress during this process, but improved my sleep as well!

Spence would even check in, with the occasional email, just wanting to know how I was doing. I felt like I had a friend who knew the process so well during this journey. The worst part of the IVF I felt was what they call the “two week wait”, wondering if it has worked or not. I had an acupuncture treatment during this time. I remember walking into Spence’s office, and started to cry. I was surprised by my sudden onset of emotions, but Spence logically explained to me, saying that this wait is the worst, because you have no control, and simply have to wait. He understood, and was a good shoulder to cry on. I felt so much better, once again.

We got through the two week wait, and were thrilled to find out that I am indeed pregnant! The IVF worked, and baby is due in the Spring. I know in my heart that a big part of this has to do with the acupuncture, counselling, and friendship that Spence Pentland provided to me. I am forever grateful, and will recommend him to anyone who is going through fertility issues.

Tanis Anderson

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