I wanted to prevent another miscarriage

I came to Erin as I had experience with miscarriage in the past, and wanted to do everything I could to keep this pregnancy. From herbal remedies to traditional acupuncture treatments, Erin helped calm my worries and educate me on numerous practices. The biggest difference I found from Western medicine was that Erin had time to hear my concerns, and created a treatment plan just for me. She listened and worked with me to overcome every symptom I was experiencing as my pregnancy progressed. Even when I was breech, Erin always found time to squeeze me in for another appointment to help turn the baby – and it worked! In the final few weeks of my pregnancy I felt I could depend on Erin to be around if I needed extra sessions, and to treat me to encourage birth when I was overdue. She provided me with techniques I could use to help with labour pain, and encouraged me when I felt overwhelmed.

The care I received from Erin and her clinic went way above and beyond I would expect a medical professional to do. She helped me relax and stay calm enough to focus on providing a stress-free home for my now healthy baby girl.

-name withheld, Vancouver

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