Improvements in menstrual cycle, endometriosis pain, & general health !

I was diagnosed with endometriosis after experiencing both bleeding and pain during intercourse. An ultrasound examination showed that I had a 10cm endometrioma on my right ovary and laparoscopic surgery was scheduled to follow. During surgery it was discovered that I had severe endometriosis affecting my ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and bowel.

The surgery was successful in removing the endometrial lesions but I was warned that it would most probably return within a year. It was also suggested that I might consider having my right ovary removed, something I would not even contemplate at this stage in my life. Around 10 months later, I noticed that when I would sit down on a chair I felt pain on my left side. On occasion, intercourse had become painful again and even simple stretching would result in pain.

I knew that I wasn’t prepared to have surgery again, especially if it meant removal of my reproductive organs so I started researching alternate ways to deal with endometriosis. I read about acupuncture and its use in the treatment of endometriosis, came across Acubalance’s website online and booked an appointment. I had expected a course of acupuncture but what I actually found was a holistic approach to improving my reproductive health: a 3-week cleanse followed by a course of Chinese herbs, dietary and exercise advice, acupuncture and most importantly, somebody who asked detailed questions about my menstrual cycle, sexual health and pain levels.

It was at this point that I realised that my menstrual experiences: extreme breast tenderness for 2 weeks leading up to a period, pain before and during my period, diarrhoea and heavy flow with blood clots were not normal, were linked to endometriosis and could be improved by following the TCM advice. I started to notice an improvement within a month. I couldn’t believe it when I didn’t get any breast tenderness at all (something that I have lived with since my early teens) and within two months I was able to have an Advil free period for the first time, again since my teens. I have also noticed that my periods are less heavy and that the blood is now a healthy red colour rather than a rusty brown colour.

I am also pain-free with my endometriosis – the pain I noticed when sitting down on a chair has gone and I feel the healthiest that I ever have. A bonus side effect of following the Acubalance healthy eating plan is that I have lost the 20lbs I had gained over the last few years and my weight remains at this new healthy amount.

I believe that it is the combination of acupuncture, herbs, healthy eating and exercise that has provided the improvements in my menstrual cycle, endometriosis pain and my general health. I am so pleased that I found Spence, as he set me on the right track to improving my health in a holistic way without resorting to surgery and pain medication. I am now ready to live my life this way because I know that it will help in all areas of my general well being.


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