May you be forever blessed as much as we are

Dear Spence,

After several mainful years of infertility with no answers as to ‘why’ other than my ever-increasing age, I decided to work with Dr. Pentland as a last ditch effort along with my last attempt at ivf and icsi. Each time previous the result was not enough follicles, no eggs or no successful insemination. I started doing acupuncture with Spence, and along with his help, changed my eating, took different suppliments and implemented as many de-stressing techniques as possible. We implemented our plan weeks before starting another cycle and when we did, only one follicle again….and only one egg. With the help of doctors and my husband we decided to take the ridiculous chance (knowing we would not be doing another round) and go ahead with ICSI. Spence gave acupuncture before each process and his kind and honest support became a gentle hand when I needed it. The egg was fertilized and with continued acupuncture before the implantation and through the first trimester we now have a happy, healthy, beautiful daughter. She is all that I visualized in my sessions with Spence…pure light, pure joy and the embodiment of all Hope.

I will be forever grateful to you for assisting our baby girl in making it here. I truly believe it would not have been possible without you.

May you be forever blessed as much as we are. Patti

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