My FSH level was 16…I only had one egg retrieved

2 years after having my first child we started to try for a second baby. Since the first time it happened quickly and easily we assumed it would be the same again. After 7 months of trying (and because I was 39 years old) our doctor suggested we see a specialist at PCRM and start the process to see what was going on. After initial tests and consultation with Dr. Roberts at PCRM we received devastating news. My FSH level was 16 and we had less than a 5% change of becoming pregnant. He suggested a donor egg since our chances (even with hormone treatment and IVF) would not be much better than that 5% success rate.

Even though the emotional and financial stress of going through IVF is huge, we decided we wanted to try.

I saw Dr. Spence Pentland’s brochures in the waiting room at PCRM and had heard from other women going through this same situation that the acupuncture was beneficial. After meeting with Spence and reading articles about the success rates of combining acupuncture with IVF, I decided to start treatments.

I highly recommend Dr. Pentland he is wonderful! Very thoughtful, understanding and kind – he made me feel at ease and right away my stress levels decreased. I went for treatments for a few months prior, during IVF procedure and after and I know it is why the implantation was a success. I only had one egg retrieved, it survived, the embryo multiplied and we became pregnant. We now have another beautiful daughter. I cannot thank Dr. Spence Pentland enough for supporting us through this journey.

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