My successful ‘pregnancy achievement’

I would like to thank Spence for his stellar knowledge and support in my successful ‘pregnancy achievement’. I am now 37 and 25 weeks happily pregnant with my first child. My partner and I had been trying to conceive for 5 months, when I visited the doctor, and started acupuncture. My feeling was that being 36, and never having been pregnant before, I needed a boost to help my fertility. I was starting to feel anxious, but hopeful that it wouldn’t take too much help to get pregnant.

Going to Spence was the best decision I made. The doctor had very little to offer except hormonal tests and the advice to chart my cycle. Spence offered acupuncture, very deep knowledge about health and fertility, and ongoing emotional support. I relaxed, confident in the assumption that I was doing my best to improve my fertility. I did acupuncture, a cleanse, had started chinese herbs, and had also started using ovulation strips and pre-seed (a sperm friendly lubricant).

And what do you know, I got pregnant after 2 1/2 months of starting acupuncture! I think everything worked together to support my body in getting pregnant, but the emotional support, and being able to relax and trust in the process was huge. I am also very happy in the knowledge that I had nourished my body very well in the months leading up to conception.

When I would get fearful about not getting pregnant, I would often read the success stories on the acubalance website to buoy my spirits. I offer my story to others as encouragement and hope, and as a huge thank you to Spence.


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