Not pregnant but you made such a difference in my life…

I want to thank you so much for all your care and attention to my treatment, I know it has made a big difference, and in particular in the last few months, you are truly gifted in knowing what people need, and helping them see that. I am very excited to have had such a great response during this last transfer, as well, so is my Doctor, and he is confident we are on the right track and would like to continue. We have a number of things to consider and will take some time to mull everything over and get ready to take on our next challenges.

You have made such a difference to how I view my personal health and well being, and your well chosen words are still circling around in my head daily, I will be eternally grateful to you for that. Also, you are the only accupuncturist that I have found that doesn’t hurt. So I consider myself very lucky to have found you! I am hopeful I will find a clear answer on to how to proceed. I appreciate Spence and how he has helped me to get to this point in my journey.

I will keep you update on any new developments.

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